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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Okay, since Don has started his new job about 2 weeks ago, I have seen more sunrises than I have probably seen in the rest of my life combined. (Driving him to work early so I can have the car for the day is losing it's worthiness.) I mean don't get me wrong, they are quite nice, but I have also seen a couple of really beautiful sunsets in the past two weeks and they are WAY better. They actually make me stop and ponder their beauty. I think it's the cold. And the tired. Perhaps if I lived in like Jamaica and went to bed before 2am it would add to the beauty in the morning. But maybe not. I guess I'll stay here.

Friday, November 17, 2006

This is NOT an offer.

At our mulitidwelling house, we all share the washer/dryer in the basement which, I think, is a fantastic idea. The owners charge us only a dollar for a wash/dry and it works out really good. All 8 of us at one time or another have forgotten that we have laundry down there and then someone else wants to use it while it's still in the wash or dryer. Anyways...my point is that whenever I go to put wet clothes in the dryer and it is already full of fluffy warm dry clothes, I have a really hard time just leaving them to get all cold and wrinkly in a pile on top of the dryer and plus I rather enjoy folding clothes. I know, I know, "she what?!?!" But ever since Don & I worked at a Laundromat for a little bit, I've loved folding clothes. I like to fold them just so. Nice crisp, even folds, all sides matching up, all sorted nicely and stacked evenly. So I secretly enjoy it when I find a warm, dry load left in there especially when I have the time to fold it. Speaking of which, I think mine is finished.

The Construction.

As many of you well know there is a 7 story condo being built about 10 feet across our back lane. It is wonderful. Mud everywhere. Dirty, smelly, starey construction men everywhere. Backhoes, dumptrucks, cranes and half tons everywhere. Noise everywhere. I think I'll be very sad when this is all over. NOT.

My New Best Friend.

So as per my usual thursday night, my sister and I watched thursday tv at our good friend ccaps house. For the past year we have had the distinct pleasure of now sharing this night with her new baby daughter. I know she was a little hestiant to have us over on thursday nights because the 'baby' might be noisy or cranky or distracting. Well. She was right. Although she is not usually cranky, she distracts the crap out of me and I love it! Especially since she has/is learning to walk in the last couple weeks. It is wonderful! Last night I can hardly remember any of the shows we were having such a good time. We played with her foamy frog chair, she played with my new fuzzy scarf, I fed her like half my oreo flurry, she threw up like a quarter of my oreo flurry. Good Times. But really, I didn't think it possible but every time I see her, her personality is a little more developed. It is a cool thing to be a part of. My favorite part was when she liked to play the game: I-will-use-both-my-hands-and-my-little-sharp-baby-nails-to-smack-you-in-the-face-while-aiming-for-your-eyes-and-smiling-coyly-at-every-one-else, it was really cute. No really, I'm being serious. It was super adorable. Anyways, just when I think she's at the top level of my love thermometer, the mercury blows it right up.
Especially her little smile-giggle combo. Gets me every time.

I can't even imagine how her parents feel.*
But I love my new little best friend.
Now if only I can get her to remember who I am the next time I see her...

*I do not want to hear any comments about how it sounds like I'm ready for kids. I love them, to hang out with them, even babysit them and care for them. But I am happy in my non-kids lifestyle for the moment and the only one who can change my mind about that is God if he plays a little joke with my BCP's.

My Day 'Off'.

Every friday I work 11:30 to 2:30 at a pita restaurant. I actually quite like the shift--it's short and busy. Usually there are 3 people working, but for the last month or so, it's only been me and one other person which is fine because we can totally handle it. But this morning I realized I had a list of like a hundred things I was hoping to get done and I thought, good heavens is it really necessary for me to take the bus all the way there, work for three hours, take the bus all the way back and then try to finish up my list before I go out tonight? Is it really worth the twenty dollars or so that I would make?
I didn't think so either.
So I called and said, "Maybe the other employee can work today and I won't have to come in?"
My boss was totally fine with it.
Which was nice.
Which leaves me free to finish my list.
One of the things on my list was to update my blogs.
Which I am doing.
It's fun.
Another list item was to finish up some stuff at my other job.
And another was to vacumm my messy apartment.
So neither of those are really that fun.
Oh well.

My Breakfast.

Last night we met my mom in law for supper at BP.
It was a very tasty supper.
I brought half of my pizza home.
It made very tasty and late breakfast this morning.
Which is great because I hardly ever eat breakfast.
Which is really bad for you.
Once you don't eat for over 14 hours (or something like that) your body goes into starvation mode and slows your metabolism rate waaaaaaaaaay down in order to save the food you are eating because it is very unsure of when you will eat again(due to your 14 hour break the night before). Not much convinces me to eat breakfast regularly, but I do feel kinda bad making my body think it is starving everymorning. I do like to eat, I just like to sleep even more.

Not Obligated.

Okay, just so somebody knows, I, unlike the rest of the blogging world, have decided not to participate in nablopomo. Therefore, if I am busy or tired or if I just feel like it I can post
this month if I want to. By those standards I have already far and away outdone myself. So ptttttthhhbbbbbb!(isn't that the C&H cartoon noise for sticking out your tongue at someone?)

Friday, November 10, 2006

A List for Maman

My mom asked me to make a list of things I'd like for my birthday.
So this is just for her and other family members who need some...'help'.
I'm not like expecting the blogging world to send me presents.
I'm also not fobidding them either. Hee, hee. :)
Anyhow, here you go mom:

1. Nivea Face Wash & Toner EXACTLY LIKE CORRIE'S. (ask bec/kim for more info)

2.A Watch. Or more specifically & more boring, a gift cert. to somewhere I can pick my own watch, not because I don't trust you guys, because I am picky and I'm owning up to it.

3.Jann Arden's latest cd, I don't know what it's called. I think it's self titled but it looks all green and leafy with her name in yellow on the front. Here's a picture:

4. A good book of short stories-but not retarded ones. I love them. Especially mixed authors.

5. Perhaps a lovely home-knitted thin(ish) purple scarf...hint, hint...kim....

6. Another stereo shelf like the one dad and becky made for me already (the one that is currently installed in the bathroom).

7. Movie gift certificates are always, always, always welcome. Especially for any of the following theatre locations:
-Cinema City McGillvery Location
-Silver City St.Vital Location
-Grant Park Cinemas
-Towne 8 Cinemas
-Cinema City Northgate Location
-Globe Cinemas
-Silver City Polo Park Location

8. A Personal Portable DVD player--oh wait I've just gotten one for an early birthday present from my wonderful, thoughtful donald. Well then, how'bout some fabulous dvds to go with it.

9. Kernel's candy coated popcorn. I like all kinds but chocolate. Superkid and Berry Blast are my favorites, but I also don't mind Christmas Cheer or the halloween mix. I HATE the raspberry/chocolate mix, caramel is too boring to pay for and I HATE the barbie one(bubblegum and banana - did the popcorn-flavour-inventors have crack in their coffee that day?)

10. Scrabble. The real one. With woodent tiles. I've always wanted my own.
(there we go cynthia and becky, #10 just for you!)

So, that's it. I've racked my brain for it, so that better be good enough.
Feel free to make copies and pass out.
Ha ha!! Just kidding! I'm not that silly.

You can just link them to here.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Corrie's Boots.

Yah, I have like a hundred things I could post about, but I would like to post a little picture for my lovely sister and her lovely boots that I helped convince her to buy today. Sorry your computer is crap Corrie. Also I think your new boots are:

Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Favorite Stall

I realize I am not quite a normal person. Almost, but not quite. And this is what reminded me of that specific fact again tonight. In the movie theatre which I frequent most often (my favorite, Grant Park)I have a favorite bathroom stall. I don't think I have a preferred stall anywhere else in the city-and I know city bathrooms quite well. I know bathrooms in almost any place in the city if I have been there even once. If I go somewhere and don't use the washroom, my friends ask me if I'm okay. Now, I don't have a public washroom fetish or anything, but I do have a very tiny little bladder. I have learned to accept it and can pee almost anywhere-and have. But tonight I remembered that whenever at Grant Park:
1. I always use the washroom.
2. It is always free (out of 15 stalls).
3. It is always clean and flushed.
It is by no means my favorite public washroom stall ever, even I don't think I'm that weird.
But it just always makes me happy.
Like it's my own private stall.
Ready and waiting for me everytime.
Perfect relief.
Did I just post about bathroom stalls?
I think it's time for sleep.

The Ultimate Underachiever.

So, my sister tells me today that she will try to post everyday for this month(for nablopomo or something like that). I am resolved to do the same. That is until I realize that it is currently after midnight and therefore I have already failed without evening meaning to. And all I am thinking is: Well, I tried. ha ha! (see, already I'm a little giddy that I don't have to commit to something for an entire month.) That and I know i will be away from computers/internet access next weekend making it virtually impossible to update my blog. And I am totally okay with that. :) So good luck to all you loyal bloggers. Goodness knows I will be reading each and every one greedily and happily.