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Sunday, March 22, 2009

ahhh...spring in the city..

Wednesday last week, all three things we had planned for the weekend got cancelled. Thursday morning we played with the idea of heading out to the cabin for that winter weekend at the cabin I've been craving all winter.
After checking the weather (the real decision maker) and making some arrangements with some very wonderful sisters, Friday afternoon after work we were driving away blissfully free!
What a great weekend to have off!
Beautiful weather, but still winter if you were outside of the city. 
Some of my favourite moments: (since I forgot to bring the camera!)

We walked what felt like halfway across the lake to check out a little ice fishing shack.

We searched around and around through the patches of forest by the cabin until we found the tree we'd heard crrrrreeeeeaaaak, falllllll and crash to the ground from inside the cabin.

We made our favourite meals together and ate too much.

We played Blockus by the wood stove and I tried not to get mad when I lost...unsuccessfully.

We watched movies on our computer which Don brought to do some recording.

I started and finished an incredible book called, "A Thousand Splendid Suns". Really, I could NOT put it down. Good thing Don had some recording to do!

Oh and a definite fun time was when we found some abandoned pieces of rope on the beach which, when we hit more slip slidy ice, I promptly tied one end around Don and one around me and let myself be pulled.

One very good moment was when we were giddily smashing surface ice and kicking it everywhere and I suddenly realized that if we had met when we were kids, we'd have been fast friends.

And now, to finish off this very relaxing weekend we have arrived home to thundershowers (!) that are washing away the snow as we head out to a late movie. 

sigh. It's nice to escape reality for a while.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today I suddenly remembered what it is like to be 10 years old on any given Saturday.

Wake up whenever...
find a bowl of cereal...
watch some cartoons...
get dressed whenever...
go ride your bike around the block for a while...
hang out at the park and play in the sun...
come home and have lunch...
lay in the back yard and read your archie comic book...
hang around inside for a while doing whatever you fancy...
help with supper/avoid helping with supper...
read your book some more...
watch a tv show...
go to bed whenever...
read under the covers until you fall asleep...

I could sure use one of those days anytime right about....now.

Monday, March 16, 2009


After a very last minute decision I've got tickets to see coldplay.
I've been listening to Coldplay for years now and they are finally making their way to Winnipeg.

Would I have preferred seeing them 8 years ago in a smaller venue than now with thousands of screamers at the MTS Centre? 
Why yes, I would have. 

Would I have at least liked to get a hold of some tickets on the floor of that huge building to see them up close? 
Why yes, I also would've liked that.

Do I have nearly $100 to spend on a concert right now?
No, probably not. 

Would it be great if Don were in town that date instead of on a cross canada tour of his own so we could enjoy it together?
Yeah, that would've been nice.

And yet... I am completely content with the thought of going down town on June 15 with Becky, Thomas & Chelsea if I get to sit in a room (with my binoculars)and listen to the people who wrote:

I very rarely regret my last minute decisions.
(My one talent...)
Thanks for giving me that double checking phonecall bec.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three Things for Thursday

Yeah, I just do not have time for thirteen today!

1. I heard a jingly noise coming down the hall from my office today and for a split second I thought it was my sister in her jingly sandals that always let me know she's near...then I remembered. It was -33 out this morning and as much as I want summer back, it's just never gonna happen, so I should just deal with it.

2. My grandma left for Calgary on Tuesday & my parents early early early this morning for New Orleans. I had hoped last year to be going with them this year, but when circumstances changed at work, it wasn't really a possibility. I hope that they both have good months.

3. Yesterday Don got an email.

Not that exciting, I know.

But this was an exciting email.

It was an email that invited him to play at the Winnipeg Folk Fest this year! (For those of you who don't know, you can't apply to be a part of the festival, you have to be invited by the music director...or someone like that.)

We have been going to the festival since before we were married with all our favorite friends, but seeing as how last year he was rejected at both the little Winkler and Morden Festivals, we didn't think that Winnipeg would be on the table this year...or anywhere near the table for that matter!

Actually, I don't even know if I should be/am 'allowed' to be telling people yet, and I'm probably stealing Don's thunder a bit (so act surprised when he tells you), but I can't help it!!

I'm just so excited!

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Today I...

Slept in, in a nice big comfy bed.
Woke up to a small, but nice, crackly fire.
Went swimming.
Went in the hot tub.
Went swimming again.
Took a bath in the jacuzzi.
Had a stone fired pizza lunch served to me.
Drove in to work late.
Worked late...I had to make up some time.
And now I head out to be with my two favourite friends for supper made by one, dessert by the other and guilty pleasure tv watching.

I know I don't make a lot of money or live some crazy career driven life, but sometimes my flexi life is awesome.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Oh my goodness!
Remember this post?
#11. Yellowknife?

Don's friend and beautiful singer, Leela Gilday is from Yellowknife & (I think) still lives there, and she mentioned to him this week how good it would be to get him up there this summer.
I thought a trip there would be years away! I know, I know, don't get ahead of myself but ahhhHH!!! I'm pretty excited just thinking that it could even maybe happen. I've always wanted to visit a place where the sun doesn't quite fully set and I've been a little obsessed with Yellowknife ever since I read the book "Late Nights On Air" (Elizabeth Hay), a story following a Northern Radio Station and a Canoe Trip through northern landscape....great book.  Anyways, it would be so wonderful if it could work out. 

But I'm not going to think about it....too much.

Or ask for any sightseeing suggestions...hint, hint.

Or look at too many pictures like this...