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Thursday, March 29, 2007

For Mom, Dad & Becky:


This weekend is sure to be the boredest of my life.
Two of my sisters are gone.
The other one is busy.
My parents are gone.
My husband is gone.
My best friends are busy.
What, oh what shall I do?

(Insert suggestion here:)______________________________

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Short One.

Today, feeling in the blahs, I popped in a Jann Arden cd.
I love her.
I love every one of her songs.
I love the mix I made of just her songs.
I love the emotional rollercoster you go
on just listening to her songs.
I just love her (but not in a creepy way).
Also, I can't wait until her concert.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm a Winner! (or weiner as don would say)


After all these years of expecting this:

I finally WON!
Although it wasn't the ipod nano I had been expecting:

Ah, well. It is a delicious win all the same.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Not Ashamed.

Recently I have more & more reasons why
I Dislike Smokers.
Yesterday, seeing this as I stepped out of my car didn't help.

Really? You'll just empty your sick ashtray anywhere?
So...reasons I dislike smokers(there are however, always exceptions to every rule. I'm sure some apply here):
-They smell
-They make me smell gross
-They pollute OUR air
-They litter
-They cause fires
-They cause car accidents
-They may as well burn money
-They give other people cancer
-They badly influence kids
-They waste our healthcare system
-They stand outside of doors and smoke right where I have to walk through. It's not like there are other 'non-smoking' doors I can use!
-They get unfair breaks at work. (I don't get a break to just stand around for 5 minutes every hour!!)
-They're wannabes
-Smokers who smoke while eating. blech!
-They are 100% completely selfish

Now, that last one pretty much covers all the other reasons listed before it, but I just can't help but think about it.
All. The. Time.
So I admit to sometimes feeling guilty about hating smokers especially when I find out the person I've been ranting to about smoking, smokes.
But I have decided.

Why should I feel guilty about making them feeling bad?
Why should I feel guilty they don't try to quit?
Why should I feel guilty about the fact that they took up this entirely undesirable habit in the first place?
I shouldn't. I won't. I don't.

There is SO much help out there to stop smoking.
If you aren't trying to give it up?
NO pity for you.
So I WILL cough and sputter exaggeratingly when I have to walk through your noxious fumes.
I WILL complain loudly when I see you smoking where you shouldn't be.
I WILL honk embarrasingly at you when I see you litter out your car window.

Because you know what?
This is OUR earth.

And YOU are ruining it.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Frick! (sorry Mom)

A couple of weeks ago I applied for a different part time job, hoping to leave the sucky serving position I am at now. It seemed to be perfect. Perfect hours. Something new. Somewhere I would actually like to work. But I guess not. After a week of nothing, I inquired and was left again to wonder. Finally today I heard. They hired someone and it's not me. THAT SUCKS! I didn't even get an interview! Maaaaan. I want to say they don't know what their missing. I want to say, "I can get a better job anyway". I want to say it's not that big a deal.
But as a big fat sucky baby tear rolls down my cheek, I just can't.

Friday, March 02, 2007

For The Birds.

This morning half asleep and in a trance like state,
I thought of posting about birds.
Dont ask me why, I have just had a few random bird experiences.
So here I give you...the birds of my life:
1.I have this old memory of being at our cottage and going for canoe ride with my dad and older siblings to the island by our cabin. The island already had an exotic, sandy, undiscovered feeling to it and so the pelican carcass we found just added to the mystery. The pelican was not alone, it had apparently choked to death by trying to eat a too large fish. Our view was a fish skeleton in the (near) skeleton of this huge bird. I remember thinking that's pretty cool.
2. Also at our cabin...walking down the causeway to that same peticular island, I must have caused some panic to the little sparrow like birds who lived in the marshes lining the road. Suddenly tens of little teeny birds were dive bombing what seemed like my face. I think we ended up swimming home instead of trying to make it down this road of terrorizing birds. I'm sure my older sister will get a kick out of this one, seeing as how for the rest of my life she's never believed they were that scary. But they were.
3.Speaking of scary birds, she should be especially scared as the next memory has to do mostly with her and a very large swan. While camping at a particularly scenic small town riverside campground in Colmar, France, we noticed there were even swans swimming up the river. "How beautiful!" we thought. Let's feed them some bread crumbs! Well once we were out of bread crumbs they began honking and kinda backed off. I took a trip to les toilettes only to return 5 minutes later to find both my sister and best friend hiding frightened in our rental car with a big noisy swan honking and hissing at them for more food. Apparently they would prefer an entire loaf, not a few crumbs. It didn't take long between figuring out what happened and laughing for me to join them in the car. Eventually they backed off.
4. Time for a more pleasant memory. During a trial run canoe trip I took with my parents and youngest sister, we began to try to spot the odd bird noises we were hearing. Two in particular still stick out in my mind. One, I'm sure most nature lovers will have heard, what we called 'The Cell phone' Bird. It had a short quick trill of a call which sound almost exactly like a late ninties cell phone ringing. I think God must have had a sense of humour while creating that voice box. Especially since you only seem to hear it when you are miles and miles out of cell phone range. The other bird which was my favorite, I called "The R2D2 bird" and I swear to you, it sounded so close to the robot from star wars I was imagining C3P0 answering back by the end of the trip.
Sadly I had no recording devices, but sometimes better to leave nature in nature, even if it's just nature's audio track.
5.While I was trying to get back to sleep after the person who got up first NOISILY left the room, I heard what I thought was the phone beeping, but then I realized it was really just some bird outside. I'm sure it had partially to do with me being in that half asleep confusion of first light stage, but it took about 7 'beeps' before I figured out the truth. Those sneaky...avians.
So that's it. I'm sure if I thought longer and harder, I'd have more, but they wouldn't be as high quality as these ones. Feel free to share your own bird stories with me.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I heard something very disturbing on the radio today.
But first: a warning: you may puke.
Disney has come out with its own line of princess bridal gowns.
Based on characters such as snow white, cinderella, jasmine and sleeping beauty, they will have dresses for toddlers up to full out wedding gowns.
Sorry if I offend anyone who wants/had a big poofy gown.
I just can't imagine getting something so unbelivably stupid.
But then again, I hate wedding dresses in general.
I think they are a total waste of money.
Let's take a look.
The dresses range in price from 1,100 USD to 3,500 USD.
Take that-figure it out...
I could have a princess wedding gown for ONE day or...
I could support my sponsered child for EIGHT YEARS!!!
Holy CRAP! I didn't even think it would be that long.
Sometimes I just get depressed thinking about our materialistic NA society.
That's okay though.
I can still do my own part.
I'll make my tiny little difference.
And I'll be happy.

What would a "Jasmine" bridal gown look like anyways?!?
And can you get matching garments for your pet tiger Raja??