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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh to be Kiera Knightly

A while ago, I found a good sports bra on sale.
Vogue. $15. (Not bad, right?)

Today I biked to work and finally I remembered to wear my new super bra. And it was heaven.
On this one awful stretch of super bumpy road, for the first time, everything stayed put.
Before: me biking at a crawl with giant water balloons smacking me in the face at every bump, pothole, & pavement break.
Now: is this what life is like for an A-cupper???

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Married To A Mind Reader.

A few weekends ago, I had a great time at the Wpg Folk Fest.

Don, mi amore, was playing at the Vancouver Island Music Fest.

Me, being too busy to make meals to take to FF with me, decided to slack completely off and buy my meals for the weekend.

Which left me in a predicament when wanting to buy other treats.
I looked at some bracelets. I looked at some necklaces.

I decided with one last wistful look, not to spend more money.

So then, imagine my surprise and delight when he arrives at the airport with two gifts in hand. The almost exact bracelet I was looking at and a beautiful 'recycled'* necklace. I never had hope of finding something so pretty and cool.

What a lovely thing to realize how well someone knows you.

*It's made out a piece of an old teacup. Isn't it pretty?

The ONLY Thing I Hate About July

The water.
Well, specifically, Winnipeg tap water.
I know we get our water brought in from Scholl lake.
I don't know where that is o
r what the conditions are like.
I just know by about July 10th, it is undrinkable for me.
I might as well take a cup of slimy, green water from a stagnant pond.
That is how well I can taste the algae taste in it.
Yesterday, my sister made iced tea using tap water..I couldn't even drink that!
(Oddly enough, even corrie -the super taster- couldn't taste it.)

I had a gingerale (fountain) with dinner out, last weekend-it was nasty.
I even notice it in frozen, sugar filled slurpee's.
(Although to a lesser degree, seeing as how I still drink them!)
I don't even order a glass of water when eating out right now.
I just bring my faithful water bottle filled w/brita filtered water.
But, today I noticed even that water tastes a little on the...fungal side.
I can even smell it when Don takes a really hot shower.

Now here's the thing.
I am not really a picky (water) person.
I don't always need a bottle of evian or perrier.
In fact I hate buying bottled water.

Even in those big bottles.
Shipping water? When it's 'piped' right to your faucets?
It seems totally ridiculous/wasteful to me.
I'll filter it, if I have to.
My favorite place to drink water is actually on a lake in Ontario where the whole lake is fresh and clear and clean and delicious.
What I want to know is, why am I so sensitive to this water?
I don't want to drink any water right now.
I don't even like brushing my teeth with it.
And hot water is way worse! So hot showers are practically out.
(Which is fine by me, it's July!)

Give me water from the artesian well at our cabin anyday over this. Blech. Hey...that gives me an idea...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Festival Season

So, my christmas in July is finally here.
The Winnipeg Folk Festival starts tonight.
I like to think of it as a nice 6 month rotation.
Folk Fest Christmas Folk Fest Christmas ....

This year, Don, my wicked awesome music man, is playing at the vancouver Island music fest which looks to be a LOT like a mini W.F.F. I've already heard from him and his hotel is right on the ocean and he's staying in the same hotel as one of our favourite folk stars whom he hopes to meet. I'm a wee bit jealous, but not after reading a review of the W.F.F. that ccap sent me.

Now I really can't wait.

One year my goal will be to just tour folk festivals all over the continent.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


(I sent this email to someone who asked how the advanced screening of Transformers was and thought it would make a pretty good post too, so here you go.)
Pretty Darn Cool.
That's my opinion.
There was a huge jokey kinda aspect to it as well, which I liked.
And only a couple of cheesy 'american' lines.
(ie:'Come on! You're a Soldier now!')
And wow, do I ever have a crush on Shia Labeouf - the guy who plays the main character, Sam Witwicky.
He is funny & great.
I might go see that penguin surfing 'documentary' just for him.
The transformers were really, really, really well done. As Don pointed out, the action scenes were really too big and up close for you to see what was happening really well, but you could still see it. oh well.
I still am amazed (in this specific film) by CGI.
I was saying to Corrie and Don, how I actually believed that the transformers were there and real. Like puppets or something. Very well done visual effects.
One other thing that bothered both me and Corrie: all the main character guys were geeky (except josh duhamel) and the two female leads were super hot and pretty sexy. At least the girls were not yippers and were both like, super intelligent (a mechanic (handy for this movie) and an amateur code analyst WAY ahead of the game(also handy for this movie)).
I read a comment that said the director who took it on wanted to make it a family movie, but 'a bit edgier'. I'd say he accomplished that with some pretty skimpy outfits(for the girls), and a couple of light profanities thrown in.

Overall, an 8 out of 10 is what I'd give it.