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Monday, September 26, 2011

US of A

Soooooo.... finally a few photos from our trip so far...

Ahhh, Nashville...actually a much nicer little city than I thought.

The drive down to New Orleans...gotta love it when you hit beach side!

Our B&B was literally a 5 minute walk from this sign...fUUn!

Happy Birthday Don! A swamp tour in Sliiiiiiidell. I think her name is Lucy.

Across Texas, New Mexico and here we are in Sedona, Arizona with the 'vortexes'...

The Big G.C., yep, just as impressive as we thought, and more.

Up to Nevada, for just onnnnne night in Vegas. We lost $2.

Yes, I am a dork. I made Don take this photo of me having an Arizona in Arizona!

Just a few short hours later and here we are Hollywood! Now just imagine it's mid march and there's a red carpet behind me...

Santa Monica Pier and all it's touristness...we were mostly excited by the seal we saw swimming off the pier!

Fun times (for movie fans anyway) during a studio tour!

And now we're on our way home through the foggy coastal mists of Oregon then Washington, Idaho, Montana, N.D.... and finally good ol' Manitoba. More photos to come...as long as we can find an internet connection...