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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I just think, "What the FRIck, universe?"

Friday, December 04, 2009

Day Four...

Here we are.
In Toronto, all together again.
It's been lovely visiting our friend Kathryn for a few days.
An expensive parking trip to downtown TO.
A fun ride up the CN tower.
Lots of fun hangout time.

Tomorrow we head down to the Big Apple.
New York City.
I am excited annnnnd...only a little nervous!
(and that's mostly due to driving a car anywhere near Manhattan.)
But with the four of us...I think it can only be fun!
What will we do?
All the touristy things we can think of!!
(and with the help of our couch surfing host-some not so touristy things!)

Here is a list of touristy things we're planning to do:

1. Visit Central Park
2. Take a ferry to Staten Island
3. Take a tour of the UN
4. Go up the Empire State Building
5. Visit some interesting museums
6. Go to some wicked awesome candy store
7. Go see a show on Broadway
8. Check out a church in Harlem on Sunday morning
9. Go to Times Square
10. Go skating in Rockefeller place

Corresponding pictures to come soon!