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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Finally Jealous.

So I've made this other blog because I sucked at my first one.
Let's just see how this one goes.
I found my movie blog was a little overwhelming due to my trying to post about every movie I saw instead of just interesting or terrible ones. I think I'll try to update it a bit. At least keep it interesting! It can get hard when you see 1-3 movies a day! Also, after reading everyone else's blogs with whatever they wanted to put on it, I was jealous that I had limited myself to movies.
I want to post a 100 things list, a thursday 13, a vocabulary dinner, etc, etc. Now I've put myself to the test. You know, I think I'll quit before I even start. What am I thinking? I don't want to give myself homework. I"m just gonna take it easy and post whatever the heck I want, when I want. Period. No expectations. Just fun. Just Me.
And, I'm no longer jealous.