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Sunday, October 25, 2009

For a good laugh...

Read this (and all the details)*:

*Check out one of my favorite sites: Today's Big Thing if you want to see it closer.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gone Too Soon

Dear Uncle Ron, 
It would have been good to make it out to see you one last time before you had to leave. Although we've always lived in different cities, it has been a pleasure knowing you.  You have been one of the most hospitable, helpful, caring people I have known. Full of good jokes, kind thoughts, strong opinions and an open mind. Looking back over my life, I think of many good times with you and also with Wendy. Everytime we passed through Calgary, your home was not only always open, but filled with comfy beds and good food. I recall many different gatherings and celebrations over the years that you brought much life and many smiles to; always ready with a helping hand to hold a door, grab a drink for someone or just be the first to say hello and chat. You could always count on the fact that the raucous laughter coming from the happy group of people in the room included you! I'm glad I got to spend a week with you a couple of years ago when Grandpa passed on. We had some relaxing nights watching late night tv (even some hockey!) and just reading or talking. I also remember (in a bit of a blur) what a great help you were when you came out for our wedding. Helping set up and get organized, it was wonderful to have all of our family there and working together. I will always look back on it as a time of united joy. You've always been quick to get in on a good joke or happily be the butt of a joke! And your optimistic attitude changed minds and lifted spirits whoever you were with.
You have set the example in terms of loving your parents, working hard, but also of seeing the world, living your life to the fullest and just being a happy guy. 
Just wanted to let you know that you were dearly loved and you are already missed by so many.

Love from Pam.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome Aboard Mrs. Amero.

Today I worked my last day at my old job. 
I was planning a nice post about it when I got home.

But then I got home.
And saw my 'new' office with a fresh perspective...

 I think I'll enjoy working here...
Thanks Mr. Amero.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was checking out some (real) info using Don's facebook, when I accidentally got sucked into looking at people who I knew(emphasis on the past tense), wasting my bloody time looking at their dumb pictures and even dumber updates. 
Why do people do it? Why post every minute, every thought, every single bleeping picture you take for goodness knows who to look at?
It makes me feel like we are one step closer to that sci-fi future prediction of everyone living in their little hovels, eating pills for food and living literally through their computers. ugh. 
I just so do not want to be a part of it. 

And before you all send me hate comments/hypocrite accusations(actually, you can send them if you really want to!)... 
Part of what I like about blogging is it seems (to me) to be just before 'the line'. 
You post a good thought for all to read. 
Some photos you love. 
A story you wrote. 
But not your entire life. 
Blogs are like a glimpse into the life of the author. Sort of a tease to make you wish you knew them well enough to go on over for a chat and a cup of tea. 

So there. I reject you Facebook...stop luring me to waste my life. Let me go for that walk or call that friend or write that thank you card. Let me live [real] life. 

Friday, October 09, 2009

It's Here.

How much I look forward to and enjoy this weekend.

I recently watched "Pieces Of April" again (you should watch it too) and I love when she's trying to explain to some Chinese immigrants what Thanksgiving is for and after impromtu half explanations, she starts again and says something like, "Once, there was this day... this one day when... everyone realized they needed each other." 

I like that. 
And here's why, for me, Thanksgiving wins 'best holiday' by just a smidge:
I like the feeling of being thankful to be where you are with those you love without presents cluttering everything up and putting the pressure on.

Just one thing missing this year.
The fiesty rebecca.
We'll miss you bec!

Perhaps a short photo show of the weekend will appear on Tuesdayish.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Something Different?

I'm sure most of you have picked up on the fact that Don, 
my super creative husband, is a great musician. 
BUT. Did you know he has a blog? 

Yep! He started one a few months ago to chronicle the making of his third album, which is just in the beginning stages...
the very, very beginning stages. So if you want to be inside someone's head as they plan, write, create, compose 
and be inspired from first notes to release party, 
go have a look at something a little different...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Birthday love...

My big brother turned 33 today. 
We celebrated last week with the whole family. 
It was crowded, noisy, hectic...fun!

But tonight was different.

Tonight it was quiet.
Tonight I was invited over with just Kurt & Sam.
We had a lovely dinner out with my mom and dad.
Then we went back to Kurt's and put sammer to bed.
Then we played video games. 
It was good. 
I wished I didn't have to go*.

But I was happy just to have some time with just me and him.
To remind me of the bond that exists between us, that stays unbroken.
What a peaceful celebration.
The comfort of a home away from home.
The joy in watching my brother, a dad (!?)
put his sweet baby boy to bed.
The beauty of watching birthday love pass from parents to son.
The relaxed-ness of guilt free video game playing.

Thanks for inviting me over for your birthday. 
It was a good night.

*Darn it all, when is Winnipeg going to get a 24 hour grocery store? Boy would I appreciate it. Even Charlottetown has one. Come ON Winnipeg!