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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Usually it feels like such a 'bad' word that you want to stay away from, but today as Don passed me the first copy of his new cd I was SO proud. It is awesome. All the work he has poured and poured and poured into it these past few months! All those late nights and asking favours ontop of favours and writing and re-writing and recording and re-recording and planning and calling and emailing and facebooking and myspacing, providing interview after interview, booking stuff, printing stuff, practices, still teaching pre-teens weekly guitar lessons, playing good shows, playing thankless shows, taking all those extra little jobs to help pay that one more nagging bill and being tired and both of us being busy Every. Single. Night. 
And all the while keeping our little bathroom lovely and clean.
(That's love to me...)

Tomorrow it finally comes to it.
The release of Don Amero's second album, "Deepening".
My Don Amero's incredibly good new cd.

No matter how the night goes, it will be great to see him playing his music because he just wants to give the world something good, pure and positive to buoy people's spirits. Plus it just looks so good. Just one more reason to be proud...it's such a family affair it makes my heart beat faster with happiness to think of all the people who helped it come to life...
My oldest sister suggested the title for the album which stuck almost immediately. Her fiance amazingly designed the entire thing. My younger sister not only provided the perfect harmony in accompanying vocals on almost every song, but she also has one of her very beautiful songs on it that I love. If that wasn't enough, my super cool youngest sister took an image and an idea from Don's head & made it come alive by hand painting one of the coolest cd covers I have seen. 

What can I say?
I love them all so much.
And what else?
I shouldn't write really emotional posts late at night.

Good night from such a happy girl.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thirsday Thurteen

Thirteen Places I wouldn't be opposed to visiting sometime soon:
(I've been thinking about travelling lots lately, can you tell?)

1. The Carberry Dessert

2. Churchill

3. The Black Hills

4. Winnange Lake

5. Vancouver Island

6. Drumheller

7. Savannah

8. Wasagaming, Riding Mountain Park

9. The Qu'Appelle Valley

10. Island Beach, Beaconia

11. Yellowknife

12. Austin, Texas

13.The Queen Charlotte Islands

Monday, February 09, 2009

Tea Chat Knit!

The last five years or so I've been meaning to learn to knit. 
However a fantastic procrastinator, I never have. 
My little sister, in the meantime, has become a knitting genius.
Everytime I turn around she is finishing yet another scarf or crocheting another baby blanket for a present or trying out a new hat pattern...I'll admit to a little...jalousie.
For me, it stems from wanting to learn a dying trade.
I love the thought of darning still useful socks, making funkily designed mittens for friends, or just sitting around chatting while producing something useful.

So after my oldest sister handed out tons of funky new homemade mittens to various people in her life, I decided it was time to stop talking and start knitting...or at least learning to knit.

So we, my happy knitter sister, Kim and I started a weekly knitting party we like to call Tea Chat Knit.
We made this little video one night to help advertise.

It's really informal, but lots of fun!
We have people...some learning to knit, teaching, sharing knitting problems or just sitting and working on their current article of knit while we all chat it up! While I struggled to get one needle through the tiny little loophole, they chatted about all sorts of weird things..."Dropping a stitch", "Pearling", "Double headed needles" (or something). Eventually we got around to things I knew about too, like books and movies and cell phones and facebook (okay, some things I knew about). It felt very old school/modern, which is pretty cool.

Even though I suck, I'm still practicing and determined to get it learned and eventually I'll have my own mitten dance video full of my mittens! Hoorah!