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Thursday, May 22, 2008

a welcome haiku for you Jack

you arrive today
after much hope and prayer
we are SO happy

Monday, May 05, 2008

Au Revoir Good Neighbour

11:05 pm
I wave goodbye to my older sister as she moves out for good
She says, "Well, good-bye neighbour..."
All I can choke out is 'Bye!'
I know some welling up occured on either side
of the wicker gate seperating us

She is moving to the beginning of a new life
I am happy for her
But I will miss her

Tuesday begins a new era...
We've lived together
same room
same apartment
or same house our whole lives.
1 year in Alsace
10 months in PEI
6 months of trial & error)

No doubt there are many good plans in store
for us
in some way
but for now it is goodbye....

and I'm not sure how I'll survive with her so far away

at least 10 mintues
and 20 during rushour

It's been so good