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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pam's Movie Reviews

Sometimes I wish I was a film maker.
Sometimes I'm just happy to enjoy good films.
Here's three I've really enjoyed this past week:

Ce Qu'il Faut Pour Vivre
(The Necessities of Life)-
1952-Tivii is an 'Inuk' from Baffin Island, grandson of a great hunter and provider for his wife and two sweet girls. During the epidemic of TB in the 50's, Tivii is required to unexpectedly leave his family for a sanitorium in Montreal to recover. Facing language, cultural and health barriers, Tivii feels an approaching sense of hopelessness. Until he meets Kaki, an 11 year old boy from the north who speaks his language and understands the simplicity of his good life. I got a last minute chance to finally see this movie and wasn't disapointed. Natar Ungulaaq (Who you might recognize from 'The Fast Runner') does an incredible job being lost, lonely and far from home in uncertain circumstances. Not a totally warm, fuzzy movie but it will most likely move you to feel contented with your life. ***** out of 5

Henry Poole Is Here-
A heart-warming story of Henry Poole (obviously!), who moves into a house in the neighboorhood where he grew up while he deals with some issues in his life. When his chatty, friendly but religious mexican neighbour spots the face of Christ in a water stain on the stucco of his new house, she can't help but see it as a miracle and he can't help but wish it gone. While the poster and premise for the movie seems very light hearted and fun, I found the overall sense to be a little more on the serious, thought provoking side. With the combined elements of great actors (Luke Wilson's slow lazy drawl fits in perfectly to the hot summer setting of a quiet californian suburb), a good mix of dry comedy and not too over the top drama, great cinematography and unforseen poignant moments, this movie was a pleasant surprise.**** out of 5

Entre Les Murs (The Class)-
Teacher in a middle shcool in a tough neigbourhood of Paris, François (Monsieur Marin) has the arduous task of teaching grammer & literature to 13 year olds. Faced with a generation of ipod wearing, cell phone talking, disrespecting teenagers, his methods of frankness and challenging encouragment have, in the past, been able to grab their attention...at least a bit. This year, however, seems a bit tough when the students begin to challenge his methods. This movie was an incredible character study and an interesting aspect of modern france with it's vast cultural mix. And with my french obsession, fun to listen to/read along with as well! ***1/2 out of 5

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rainy Day

I know it's kinda cold and gloomy, but I am happy to see the rain. 
Making everything green and bringing that fresh smell to everything.
Washing away all the dirt and dust and smoke from the fields.
Today it reminds me of Sarah Harmers song, The Hideout, which I can't seem to stop listening to these past few weeks:

Look at that green
Out through the screen
After a quick rain came
So fast that
There wasn't time 
To roll up the windows
And pull the clothes down off the line
But I don't care
It was so dry
And the grass is happy
And I think 'so am I'
Cause I'm through thinking about you
(If you'd like to hear it, you can here it here.)

Sometimes it's just time for a rainy day.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bachelor Girl

That's right.
I haven't done one lick of housework the last 3 busy busy days.
The house is an incredible mess.
Dirty dishes literally overflow the sink & cover the counter.
Movies are spread out all over the rumpled couch.
Glasses are left to dry out wherever I set them down.
The empty roll is still on the holder, new roll on the floor.
The bed is unmade and clothes lay where ever they fall.
I make no excuses.
I just don't care.
I'll get to it soon...maybe.
(It's a good thing I don't live alone all the time.)

Just please don't drop by unexpectedly. 

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

One Geek Needed

Individual needed to accompany me to the new Star Trek movie coming out this Friday.(All usual companions previously engaged.) 

-Must have one night evening free
-Must enjoy the cinema
-Must know at least 4 character names from Star Trek 
(Original or TNG acceptable)
-Must pronounce it 'Star Trek' not 'Star Trak'
-Must be equal amounts of geek/cool

(PS. The movie website is pretty cool.)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

No King Size Please.

It is finally May 5th. 
Today, Don left on tour for 6 weeks.
I realized last week he'll be gone for most of May & June 2009.
I had a little cry thinking of all the things I'll be doing alone.
I dreaded the day to come (fear of a teary farewell on my part).
But now that it's here, it's not so, so bad.
I didn't 'lose it' with the final wave from the front porch. 
Or the next hour that I sat on the couch and watched a movie.
I had a fun night painting pottery with friends.
I have plans for every night of the rest of the week.
So many have already offered their companionship and time.
And yet...
When it finally comes to climbing under those covers all by your lonesome, reality sets in.
You are alone.

It's tough to explain.
Without wanting to sound like a jerk (uh-oh, probably too late!), you won't quite understand it until you're married to a dedicated musician. It's not quite the same as business travel. Most of the time, the travelling one: 
a) 'has' to go on business  
b)can't wait to get home 
c)it's a generally short time

With musicians though...it's all opposites! And while you (the one at home) are happy for them, and you know it is making a difference, you just wish you could go along. One day it will probably happen.  But right now, right here, they are there and you are here and it is a bit rough.

I heard a radio program last year talking to widows young and old. One of the most common things amongst them was to go out and buy a new bed...their old king and queen sizes left them feeling tiny and lost without the other person there. I can almost understand them. Almost.

So, one (so-far) tearless day in, I'm happy with my little double, albeit still lonely bed.