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Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning Report Sire...

So much to report on...I think I'll just do a random post today!

-I finally got a lovely Dutch Birthday Calendar for Christmas this year (One of the handiest items the Dutch have come up with! The birthday calendar is used to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important days, it has dates but no days so it never becomes obsolete!) and on Friday, I got to add a new birthday, which is always nice. I was thrilled to add: Trinity Van Aertselaer(2010) to March 19. She is my new little niece and she might even be sweeter than her big brother Sam!

Here she is on Friday afternoon:

Here is me and Sam nearly two years ago:

-This past weekend I did two things I don't do very often: Karaoke on Friday and Paint Ball on Saturday. No, I did not sing any songs (and am quite happy watching, thank you. Especially when I get to sit & watch Don sing N'sync.) -much to the chagrin of my mother in law, who is a great...Karaoker. And yes, I got (9!) large welts (mostly from my loving husband) during Paint Ball. Must do PB more often...it's great fun!

-This morning(afternoon!) we are finnnnnnally getting around to doing our taxes. Yikes, there is a lot to add up. But, with the help of our great tax guy, I'll have the biggest return I've ever had! I'm always afraid that something terrible would have happened and I'll suddenly owe thousands of dollars by the end of April. So that's pretty awesome.

-This Wednesday brings me to the one month anniversary of the Documentary film/discussion group I began in February. It's made Wednesday nights quite fun! Wanna come? Anyone's invited! We watch a different Documentary every Wednesday at 7 pm. We talk about it a bit afterwards, there's lots of snacks to share, we love recommendations, and we suggest you bring along a blanket (the room we meet in has a lovely projector and sound system, but not a super good heating system!) Here's the best part... my awesome friend Daryl made a website for it, so you can check it out here. It's simple, clear and informative... perfectly suited for a documentary group!

-Last, but definitely not least...our annual church retreat is next weekend. I am SUPER excited. It not like we do anything crazy exciting while there, but I'm just so happy to be a part of such a great community. I'm looking SO forward to the game playing, joke telling, getting to know new people, getting to know friends better, hanging out, sharing, laughing, eating, connecting kinda weekend that I wake up early thinking about it lately. And if you know me, you know that is pretty unusual. Me. Up early. Must be a good sign.

So look out week-here I come!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Patience, thy name is...Becky?

13 hours
10 hands
3 combs
200 elastics
1/2 jar waxy stuff
one dread headed becky
(and I was very, very impressed with how little complaining occured)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Do You Know?

If a recipe calls for some creme de cacao, will it be so bad if I just skip it? I just don't feel like buying a $20 bottle of liqueur for three tablespoons. Any other suggestions?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Favorite Olympic Moments

Thanks to Kim for putting this video together (and being such a great and faithful photographer)!

And big thanks to VANOC (Van Aertselaer Olympic Committee - ie. Corrie & Daryl) for all their fantastic planning and hosting(mmm...cake...)!

Oh - except she forgot that one event (see 1:36) was called 'Flunder-Flugen' ... obviously.