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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Little Wedding

First, clean up the room.
Pick up the garbage, take down the posters, move the couches.
Take a day off and have a nice lunch.

Second, set it up.
Pull out the tables, find the nice tablecloths, string up the fairy lights. Sit back in the glowing dark and listen to a fairy version of Come Thou Fount surrounded by (most of) the people you love.

Third, final touches.
A few flowers, some nice dishes, order a tasty cake.
Light some candles, bring in all the ones you love and feel the smile slowly widen across your face as the happy tears sneak up and you watch happiness unveil itself fully.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sillyness...but not really*

A couple of movies I've seen lately, 'He's Just Not That Into You' and 'Marley & Me'. I can't stop thinking about them! I guess because I was just expecting nothing, it surprised me that they both turned out to be pretty good movies. Now I don't noramally like chick flick movies (like HJNTIY is portrayed in it's preview) and I am definitely not a dog person (so I don't know why I went to see M&M), but they both turned out to be relationship-focused stories.
What did I like so much about both of them?
-the real life portrayal of all forms of relationships
-they both supported marriage as a hard commitment, but one you should stick to(unusual for hollywood blockbusters, no?)
-They portrayed normal life as a goal or as 'enough', and didn't really promote chasing after that unrealistic movie star life.
-And yes, Jennifer Aniston is in both of them and yes I do have a small, non-sexual crush on her and yes, I do think she is totally kicking Angelina Jolie's butt in the Actress Category. She is so real and nice and pretty and normal.
Anyways, they're not like the best movies in the world or anything, but if you are looking for not just fluff, but not too serious...check them out!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

Sometimes I wish I could do more to keep the world nicer, but today I'm just going to enjoy how nice of a place it is.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eat, Drink, Be Merry!

Ahh, a weekend of friends, laughter and eating!
(No wonder I couldn't fit into that bridesmaid dress on Monday.)

Friday night we went out to our friends house for some of their venison sausage for supper(Don enjoyed it, but I think once was enough for me!). We had a great time eating, talking, visiting and having some very beginner hip hop lessons from don!

Dessert #1 Angel Food Cake 
 (avec Lemon Whipped Cream & Berries)

Saturday night we had our friends/neighbours/landlords over for a sort of 'thank you supper' (for all the help they've given Don the past few months), followed by a Steve Bell concert and finished up with tea and dessert afterwards. Another good night, and a fun highlight was when Steve spotted Don in the audience at his concert and invited him up to play a couple of songs!

Spring Salads=delicious!

Dessert #2 -Peaches & Cream Pie

The next day we last-minute-lazy-sunday-afternoon-decided to have Corrie & Daryl over to make supper together(a tasty new recipe we re-named 'Hello John Chicken'), have a few drinks and play some good old Trivial Pursuit:LOTR. I have to say it was a pretty good night especially towards the end of the game when the drinks we're really kicking in!

Mmmm.. Hello John Chicken

Dessert #3-Sugared Strawberries 
& French Vanilla Yogurt

Sadly I ended my happy supper times Monday night with a quick 6 inch veggie from Subway, but what a fun weekend. It almost felt too filled up and busy, but not quite. I think all the good company had something to do with it. ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yesterday I went to an afternoon matinee with my two younger sisters. I was just going to go home, but I really did want to hang out with them. So I made the split second decision to turn right instead of left when I got off of work.
We didn't do much.
Just a movie.
Some popcorn.
Some laughing.
Some fun afternoon hanging out time.
It was good, good fun.
I like them.

(And yes becky, this post is mostly for you, just so you know I love you.) 

Monday, April 13, 2009

It Was Good.

The weekend is over.
Although I really do love this time of year... 
Holy Week, as it's known.
It's a lot of work when you 
Work at a church 
Are part of a large family
Have a crazy schedule
But despite all those things
It was good.

We didn't have crowds out to our Good Friday Service this year. 
I felt kinda bad for people who missed it. It was such a good time of reflection, interaction and remembering. I love our Good Friday services even though they involve a bit more thinking, planning and work in general than 'regular' services, but boy they are worth it. When I think of all the boring services that happen Good Friday, it makes me happy to be a part of making one happen that helps people to really think about what they are doing there. Not to just sit back and...sit there. But to think about it. Remember. Get up. Participate. Join in a community of people remembering together. It was good.

Thursday I spent the night planning and setting up with my favorite people. (Work turns to fun when you do it with your favorite people!) After we were done we realized we had to make a lot of little wooden crosses and all headed over to my house to get it done in a more comfortable setting (ie. with some tea and ooey, gooey marshmellow TopHats). Sitting in the living room chatting, glueing, wiring with them. It was good.

Friday night we had a sort of  Passover meal even though we are not even a bit Jewish, and I really enjoyed it. I just love some of their traditions and prayers. I see how it could be a bit long, but we didn't follow all the rules to a T, we just took it at our own pace. It was good.

Saturday Don was shooting his first music video, but we made it to his family's easter gathering just in time for drinks and dessert...and lots of hyper-candy-filled-sticky boys! Relaxing, catching up with everyone and meeting new people was a pleasant surprise to end the long day. It was good.

Sunday after a joyful service...we crashed. Oven baked french fries for two for lunch and a long nap on the couch was one of the slowest Easter Sunday's I can remember having, but we made up for it with a second supper at my parents with lots of babies, lots of good food, lots of good people and no baby hogger (ie.becky)in sight! Top that off with a night of fun and games with C&D. 

It really was all very good.

Monday, April 06, 2009

yop haiku

yogurt drink i love
your smooth creaminess is good
visit anytime

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Nice (nahys)
1.  pleasing; agreeable; delightful
2.  amiably pleasant; kind

I have really nice people in my life.
The past week, this has felt very apparent.
I have felt better and grateful each time.
Today I'm feeling very listy, so here is (in no particular order):

Pam's Top 5 Nicest People This Week

5. Corrie-letting me talk until I felt better on the phone last night.
4. Jayne-gave me her lunch last week when I forgot mine!
3. Becky-buying the Twilight DVD so that we could hang out and watch all the  special features together. 
2. Cynthia-gave me a ride home from the movie last week...again.
1. Don-setting off fireworks with me over the silent, frozen lake last weekend (something I've always wanted to do...it was really, really loud & echo-y!).