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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Time Is Now.

Well after a few years in our comfy, warm, lovely apartment...
The Time Has Come.
Tonight I sit here typing one last post from 'home'. 
Albeit an empty home! 
After two crazy weeks of one of us being on tour (guess which one...), and the other one of us doing tons of last minute "tour management" from home while working two jobs while trying to prepare for a week down south while organizing moving our entire house 15 minutes away...

It is finished. 
Everything is moved. 
Everything is organized.
Plans are made and in place.

We both arrive home from our travels on the same day to a simultaneous day off in our new house that will be fun to unpack together! 
I feel a little nervous, but pretty...blessed at the same time.

Here's to a bit more space and new growth. 
(no ' grand baby' pun intended, mom, I was talking about Don's music career.)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just Because.

Three weeks ago I was 'hand-delivered' a beautiful autumn sunflower bouquet from my favourite little girl and her mom, my best friend just because they saw my car at work and decided to drop some off. 

Last week I came to work and spied a HUGE bunch of pink cosmos-one of my favourite flowers- in a tiny vase on a table by the door. 

I was thrilled to see a card on the front with my name on it as I walked closer! Those were from a friend at church, just because she heard me rant and rave about cosmos in the spring and knew I liked them.

This week when my mom came over to my house to help me pack (we're in the midst of moving), she met me at the door with an elegant bouquet of lilies all gardeny green and blushing pink petals and no words were needed-just because.

I'm starting to feel a bit spoiled with fresh flowers around me every week.
Spoiled but thankful.
It makes the approaching winter months seem a teeny bit further away.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Voting But NO Politics.

I'm sure you all voted yesterday being the responsible citizens you are.
Well, remember this post?
Don was nominated for two!
Best Folk/Acoustic CD & Best New Artist.
There is just a day or two left to vote for my Don Amero in the Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards. 
You don't have to be aboriginal.
You don't have to live in Manitoba.
You don't have to have voted in the 'first' round in August. 
You just have to like Don and his music*.
Just follow these instructions and help him move from nominee to winner!

1.Go to  the APCMA website and 'Sign Up' (you'll need an email address**) or 'Log In' if you've already voted in the prelim round.
2.They'll email you a PIN and password.  Go back to the website, log in and then click on the 'click here to vote' link.
3.Vote for Don in 'Best Folk/Acoustic CD' & 'Best New Artist' categories.
4. Vote by this Friday, October 17th for Don to win!
5. Get your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbours to do the same!

Don says thanks.

Come on, I had to post a cheesy picture here.
Hey check out his brand new website as well, if you want to actually hear some of his new stuff... donameromusic.com

*You can even still vote for him if you don't really like him that much. But who doesn't, really?
**And I've never received any junk email from them, if that helps.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

How To Break My Heart With Cuteness:

Step #1: Look sweet and clean and new.

Step #2: Let me watch you learn to smile.

Step #3: Just blink those big brown eyes
and part your hair to the side.

Bam! I am done. Cuteness overload.