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Monday, September 28, 2009

In October I'll be host...

October is nearly here and with these new cold days and crunchy leaves underfoot, there are stirrings happening inside of my people. Oooh, that sounded  condescending. By 'my' people, I mean the people I love. Yes, including myself. I do love me.

With me-- I did it. I quit my lesser part time job to work with Don. Help his schedule, plan, do the books, update his facebook... Ha ha. So that's pretty exciting. I must admit, I am looking forward to working in my bathrobe. Ha ha. Although you know how formal offices have 'casual friday's'? I'm thinking of implementing Formal Fridays just so we don't always work till 2 in our pj's. So yeah, stop by the amero house hold on fridays from now on and you'll find us in our Sunday best! 

With Becky-- She decided last week to drop out of school and pursue art. I'm pretty excited for her. Almost the next day she decided to move to Toronto for a few months. That also is cool. In fact, I'm a wee bit jealous...but more excited! I think she'll just have tons of fun and hopefully find a job in somewhere awesome...like a cool art gallery or something. But frick will I miss my buddy. We hang out all the time and probably fight the most out of all my sisters, but probably also make up in record time for two arguing people anywhere. We are super awesome at doing nothing together and now I'll have to actually leave my house to go do nothing with my other sisters. Ah well. I've learned how to text from my email so I don't have to get a cell phone and I can still talk to her anytime.

With others
-My sister in law, Courtney, is pregnant again! Quite cool! I already love little sammy so much, I can't wait to have another little cutie from them to cuddle and play with! I mean, come ON, look at that face!!

-My sister sister Kim is driving down to TO with becky this week, I am also jealous of their impromtu road trip...

-My dad is spearheading a group of people going down to ND to do some disaster relief work where it flooded this past spring. Don and I were quite excited to join in ... and then. Don remembered he offered a house concert to someone and of course they had booked it during that week. So now I am going solo. Well not quite. I am accompanying 3 men. 1- Bob, not only my awesome dad of five great kids, but also a master jack of all trades, specializing in electrical, 2-George, a master carpenter, home builder, car fix-ing kinda guy and 3-Ken, a superior window installer who built not only his own house, but his window business from the ground up and owns a shop in his back yard that I think is quite bigger than his house. 4- me. Supreme movie watcher, extraordinary licorice eater, talented slurpee drinker and incredible couch warmer. I really think I can show these guys a thing or two.*

-And sortof a new thing, but not really, we are now in a house. In time. For. Halloween. iamsoexcited!!! I lovvve, lovve, looovvvvvvve halloween. It's not nearly as fun anymore because I don't get school parties and pumpkin cupcakes and parades down the hallways and painting your face and making your costume and coming home with ooooooodles of candy. But now I get my very own steps to fill with carved pumpkins. My own bannisters to swath in fake spider web. My own porch to fill with eerie candles. And the best part? I get to hand out whatever candy I want. No raisins at this house baby! Full sized chocolate bars. Treat bags stuffed with the good candy. Canned drinks. Oh yeah. I am good to go. And I think we'll dress up too. Let's have some fu-un! Oh wait, I did see an ad for a reformation service that night...maybe I should go to that instead and avoid the pits of hell. 
 Ummm.....nope! Candy wins again!

So bring it, October.  Let's see what you've got.

*Oh, believe you me, I would kick some working man ass in a texting/emailing/blogging  competition given the chance. 
Which I never will be given. The chance.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Of information that you probably don't really need...but I'm home sick today and thought it was a good time to...catch up on the life of Pam. And Don, by default. Feel free to skip ahead or leave anytime your bored.  ;)

~Our favourite people took us to a Goldeye's game for Don's birthday. It was fun, but the best part was definitely the great fireworks at the end of the night.

~Have you heard about the rat problem in Swift Current this summer? I heard it on The Current (ha ha) on CBC a few weeks ago. One word: ugh.

~We decided to go the cabin for a straight week and had a lovely time with lots of fun friends visiting, a couple of birthday celebrations, lotttttts of hot july days, swimming, and about a bazillion freezies. That's right Daryl and Justin- a bazillion. For a more lovely description see here.

~This summer we haven't been home much. No big secret. But I wanted flowers. So I bought a few...which mostly died. And Corrie got me some of my favorites-Cosmos off of freecycle. I haven't really done any watering, weeding or pretty much anything, but just look at them now!! Next year? Cosmos everywere!

~We had a sleepover with Don's nephews a couple of weeks ago. It was a good time, but when they left, I found my self wondering...will I ever feel like I want to have my own kids? I love love LOVE all the kids in my life right now, but when I have to leave them, it is pure happiness to come home just with Don. I think it's a hard thing for lots of people to get. People often say, "Oh, you'll feel differently soon." Really? Will I? Because I am in a happy marriage with a good life and everything should be pointing to kids, but it's just not. I wonder if/when that might change...

~I love fall. But truth be told I love summer more. And this July-in-September weather? I am LOVIN' it.  It's awesome. The only drawback? The sun sets waaaaaay too early.

~I am seriously considering quitting my lesser part time job to work with Don and help him with the office side of his music career. It would be fun and tricky. Maybe you'd want to keep us in your prayers during the next month or so while we work out the details? That'd be great.

~Have you heard of Park(ing) Day? It's happening this Friday & looks like great fun! I wish I had enough time/energy/creativity to do it...let me know if you see any around Winnipeg!

~I love decorating cakes. In fact I used to want to be a cake decorator when I was in Junior High, but then once I realized all the cool looking cakes taste gross and are mostly fake sugary stuff (and not deliciously sweet icing at all!), the dream fell away. But then in the last 5 years or so, I've had the opportunity to work on making awesome looking-great-tasting-cakes for people I love in a fun, non stressful way with my older sister, corrie. We (well, I) had lots of fun making special occasion cakes for weddings and birthdays, but now we haven't had one in a while. I'm not asking for orders here, I was simply thinking about it lately. Maybe one day I'll be able to gather photos of them all..that would be fun to look at. For now, this is my favorite one still, a cake for our youngest sister, becky, who was a little obsessed with Narnia...

~I got a...haircut! If you know me, you know I am a little afraid of hairdressers. That they will...chop it all off, so to speak. Well, that and I'm cheap. But this spring a friend of mine who is a hairdresser gave me a gift certificate, so I had no more excuses. I told her I didn't want to have short hair, but other than that she could do what she liked...which pretty much meant about 7 inches gone and the rest in soft layers. Three weeks later and I still feel oh so fashionable. I love it. (You can sort of see it in the pictures with the cosmos. What do you think?)

~We went on a canoe trip with Corrie & Daryl late in August. It was divine. Except that we forgot a camera. :(  This post? It pretty much all happened, plus: I picked up a cute little turtle, we partook (?) in a little skinny dipping(!), and had one of the calmest nights I've evvvver seen. Heard. Both. Alllll night, just dead silence. Beautiful. I can't wait until next year.

~And most recently, Survivor begins tomorrow night! I am thrilled! I love the way the past years thursday has turned into a night of chatting, laughing, eating, watching and relaxing with my favourite people. Hands down my favorite night of the week. And it begins tomorrow for the 19th time.