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Friday, May 27, 2011

Today Was A Good Day For...

Hanging out laundry to dry in the morning sun...

Riding a bike to work...

Talking to far away friends...

Smelling new lilac blossom scent floating through the air...

Skipping the dishes...

Eating a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream in the backyard...

Going to a movie...

I'm happy to say - I got it all done. Feels good.

What is it not a good day for, you might be wondering?

Maybe...climbing into bed only to see a spider crawl across the pillow 2 inches from your face, jumping out of bed, stripping off all covers, trying to find darn thing only to finally relent, remake, get back in, try to forget it and then see it crawl across the floor 2 minutes later. I think that's more of a thing for Mondays. At least I know where it is now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh. My. Gosh.

I just turned on the tv for a little break with my late lunch
and the Very Last Oprah show is on. (Another post, another time.)

Holy smokes, from the way their treating her, is this Oprah or Jesus?

Not Cool.

Last night, since it was a holiday and I was out of milk, annnnnd I'm on a super milk kick right now I had to stop at Sev to pick up milk. Holy Hannah, is it the biggest rip off I've ever seen! Take a look at these prices...they don't even make any sense:

500 ml - $1.79
1L - $1.56
2L - $4.09
4L - $5.99

What is wrong with the person who priced those out? Not only are they ridiculous, the 1L is cheaper than the little one, the 2L is more than double the 1L, (so why wouldn't you just buy 2-1Litres), and the 4L is so expensive, why wouldn't you just wait until the next day to buy a big jug?? Does anything other than the 1L really even sell? Yikes. And besides all that, I do hafta wonder how much of this is even going to the farmers...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cure for the blues

If ever you're feeling down, or fat, or ugly, all you need is to
receive a note like this and it will spruce up your entire week.
Did I say week, I meant probably your entire month.
It's probably even better if you get it from someone under 6.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunshine On My Shoulders...

Today, I went outside to check just how bad the weeds were in my flower beds (they're starting to get a little crazy, btw), and it was SO nice out, I decided to ignore all my house cleaning plans and weed in the sun instead. After 10 minutes (it's a small flower bed), I thought about the pile of dishes inside, sighed and headed back in to do them.

With dishes safely done, I turned to the piles of clothes in the bedroom, then to the vacuum, trying to make a decision when the glinting sun caught my eye once more. So I thought to myself, screw it! And I just shirked all my grown up responsibilities, grabbed my water bottle, threw down a blanket and soaked it all up.

It's only +16, but my backyard is like a wind block and a sun trap, so I lay there in my slippers and listened...

I heard the wind brush the new blades of grass together, I heard the rustle of crows wings as they flew just a few feet above me, I heard the new leaves on the big tree behind our house swishing with the gusts of wind, I heard the seagulls crying and the neighbours wind mobile clack clack clacking and I thought to myself, this is what I've waited all those months, that whole long, cold winter for...

and it was worth the messy house. *

*Besides, Don's on tour now anyways, I don't have to clean up until the day before he gets home!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Netflix Advice

I love Netflix.

I know it's not for everyone. You have to be willing to search for something to watch OR be willing to watch something old or crappy.

But - if you're okay with documentaries or foreign movies or tv shows that you never got around to watching, you're in luck.

So, I thought I'd pass along a few of the good titles I watched lately.

Exit Through the Gift Shop -doc about street artists
How About You- cute british dramedy about an old folks home
I've Loved You So Long - French Drama about the reunion of two sisters after a prison term
Arranged - a happy story of arranged marriages in two different cultures
You Kill Me - A quirky dark comedy about a hit man
The Necessities of Life - A great movie-an inuit man who comes south for TB treatment in 1952
Ip Man- An interesting Martial Arts movie based on the life of Bruce Lee's trainer

And oh, so many more.
Definitely worth my $8 a month.

Any recommendations from you?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Done and done.

Let me just say how happy I am that the election is over.*




The next election won't be until at least 2015.


*of course I voted. I'm just sick of the coverage.