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Thursday, August 21, 2008


I must say I loovvvvvve waking up at 8am to +22 degrees.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...

I wanted to leave that last post up there until voting was finished, but I have three quick things to say this week.

First of all, my baby sister turned 18 last week.
I remember her being born in our basement.
She has grown up into ultimately one of the
smartest, coolest, best people I know.
Happy Birthday Bec! (although a little belated!)

Second, my oldest sister is getting married in SIX days!!!
Yes, our lives are crazy, yes we are all trying to stay relaxed.
(except kim and don, somehow they are always just calm, cool and relaxed!)
But I have to say, helping plan and put together
a wedding for Corrie is pretty incredible.
Having one last week where we are brainstorming like crazy, working together ALOT and having fun is pretty great.
The only thing that makes it greater is having my two other sisters there too.
But corrie is special, she is yes, the oldest, but with those years she has also grown into a wisdom beyond her years, always had a kindness unmatched in any human I know and teaches you how to love others with almost every move she makes, add to that our near twin like brains and it gives me almost as much pleasure to help put her wedding together as it did mine!

Lastly, but not least, last week was my fourth wedding anniversary.
This is a man most of you probably have met
(as he seems to know every person on the earth).
I've never seen someone work SO hard at accomplishing their dream in life.
I've never seen someone so passionate about their music
(although I don't see very many people writing their songs).
I've yet to meet a person like him who gives absolutely the same respect to the drunk woman yelling at us as we move furniture as to the CEO of some huge music company.
I've never met anyone who so wants to please the one he loves best.

To the only man I've ever kissed
(and who faithfully keeps our house from becoming bradylandfill #2):
You are most wonderful and inspire love in me
each and every day I am with you.
Here's to watching the 40th Summer Olympics together when
we are old and grey!
I looooooove you Don Amero.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One More Time!

So we are back from our lovely tour out east(pictures coming soon!) and once again all busy and both hard at work.

Don is playing all over the place and is once again up for some awards with the APCMA's (Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards). We found out last year that he was just TWO votes shy of winning one, so pleeeease take 10 minutes and vote for him.
He works so hard at making it in the music industry and would just love to win. (I think he totally deserves it-but I may be a little biased!)

Here's how it works & it sounds a lot more complicated than it is:
1. Go to the APCMA website, sign up (you need an email address).
2.They'll send you a password and PIN (to help cut down on cheating).
If you already signed up last year, just put in your email address and they'll send you the password.
3.Go back to the website and click on "Vote Now in Round 1".
4. Vote for Don in these 6 categories:
-Best Album Cover Design
-Best Folk Acoustic CD
-Best New Artist
-Best Producer or Engineer
-Best Songwriter
-Single of the Year (Freight Train)
5. Vote by August 15th to nominate Don.

And here is the important part:

Come back and vote again after August 20th so that he actually wins!!

Thanks for taking a little time out of your day to vote and remember: you don't have to be aboriginal to vote and anyone with an email address can vote! Kids can vote too! So spread the word!

If you want to hear some of Don's music, check it out on his myspace page!