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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Right or Wrong?

A funny post on a blog I follow (This blog.) led me to google a look at which is right and which is wrong. The toilet paper over or under? Wow. There is a lot of info on this. But the one below was definitely my favourite. (See the original article here.) Read this and please, be a responsible toilet owner (those of you who own your own.)

Essential Life Lesson #1:

Over is Right, Under is Wrong

As part of our ongoing effort here at Current Configuration to make your life not only better, but also 10% more crunchy, we’re offering you this first installment of what will be an ongoing series of Essential Life Lessons. Kicking off this series will be a critical but even-handed examination of a common misunderstanding that occurs in a realm of many misunderstandings: the bathroom.

Put simply, there is a right way to hang the toilet paper, and a wrong way. Read on to determine the status of your own roll.

Toilet paper has a natural curve, a way of being that lends itself to certain orientations on the toilet paper spool.* If handled with skill and knowledge, it can provide an abundance of both sanitation andcomfort, quilted together in each square of pillowy ply. If handled with clumsy ignorance, or worse, carelessness, it will beset the user with pain, filth, and frustration. Don’t let it end this way, with you curled on the tile floor of the stall, weeping in frustration, covered in wasted papier de toilette. To convince you, we’ve created some diagrams, harnessing the power of SCIENCE, to demonstrate the natural benefits of the over hanging method. First, we examine the optimal viewing benefits of the over hanging method.

Below are examples of the helpful and fruitful over-hung method on the left and the annoying and detrimental under-hung method on the right.

Right vs. Wrong

Free Sheetage Viewing diagram

Notice the dramatic difference in the amount of visible toilet paper. Ironically, it is the over-hung toilet paper that has both the most visible free sheetage and the least amount of sheetage free from the roll to do it. Now, this may not seem like a big deal on its own, but in these extra sheets lies your undoing. Observe.

Paper Positioning diagram

We here at Current Configuration, for the purposes of ease and expediency, do the one-handed tear (okay, really, it’s just me, but bear with me, er, us). The one-handed tear is a quick maneuver that takes advantage of the perforated squares, allowing your bundle of toilet paper to be liberated with one quick swipe of the arm. This is thefoundation of bathroom ease, the cottony bedrock on which enjoyment rests in the restrooms of many nations.

Mechanics of the One-Handed Tear diagram

The one-handed tear relies on a quick and forceful motion directed either away from or towards the tear-er. The forces applied in this motion are great and, like the atom, are not to be trifled with. The natural curve of the over-hung method allows the roll to stand fast after a one-handed tear, but the under-hung method creates a calamitous tendency in the roll. This tendency can only lead to this:

End Result diagram

Wasted paper, frustration, the destruction of our forests. While we realize that it is possible to execute a one-handed tear on an under-hung roll, this is a game of sanitary Russian roulette. You are bound to lose eventually, and there is no re-rolling an unwound toilet paper roll. The results will only cause you grief. Don’t let this happen to you. Restroom attendants, janitors, maids, facilities crews, and responsible toiletowners take note: Don’t use the under-hung method for your toilet paper rolls. It leads to the destruction of our precious resources and the pillars of civilization as we know it!

*Does that thing have a proper name?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vegas Skype

Ah, I love Skype. Especially with a travelling husband. Here was my jealous view last week from his fancy-pance hotel just near the Bellagio and that whole area.

Okay, it doesn't actually look that great from here, but his hotel did have fancy remote curtain that had two levels! Wow! Amazing! Incredible! Obviously I need to get out more.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Return of the Supper Club

Okay, it's not reeeeeally a supper 'club'.

It's more like a Don and I having some fun together club.

And because we both like eating so much (and we're both soooo good at it), we decided to combine them and have every monday night be our 'dinner night'. Not that we don't eat dinner every other night of the week... but Monday's have become something different.

Each week we take turns picking something new and different that we haven't made before for supper. It's one person's job to plan the menu - then we make it together.

It has been delicious and...mostly fun. Perhaps a little frustrating at times, learning to be in the kitchen together, but hey, challenging yourself is good, right? As long as we don't end up throwing the pots at each other... The best part it that we've often ended up having people over for supper on these nights, or packing it up and taking the meal to someone else's house to share supper with them.

The last few weeks have been 'on hold' because Don's been away, or I've had meetings or we had family winter olympics... but tonight is the return! And it's my turn to come up with an idea this week. I haven't found one yet. It's 2 pm. I welcome your ideas. Even if they don't make it 'in time' for tonights supper, feel free to leave them...or a link, we'll put them to good use!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am a part of a large Family...

and this week I feel really lucky that I am. (as Great Lake Swimmers often reminds me from my ipod)...

My parents are doing some house reconstruction in Indiana for people whose houses flooded and didn't have insurance or means to get their houses rebuilt....

Becky left last week heading to Guatemala to build some houses for Habitat for Humanity with my Aunt & Uncle...

Monday I dropped Don at the airport where he flew to Las Vegas for the week attending some kinda conference or something...

And I'm missing the foursome of Van Aertselaers who've recently packed their bags and moved to Kenora...

We seem very spread out this week. Yet there's still enough of us to get together for a nice outing and lunch today. How do people live with tiny families?

Monday, March 14, 2011


Apparently for Lent, I've given up good health. When will this blasted cold ever end?!? It seems that I just keep getting varied symptoms. Something awful ends, like sore throat (I'm so happy!), something new and awful begins, like a permanent headache (I want to cry). Although I just heard (via my good friend, google search) that colds often can take 10 days to run their course. That means I'm looking at probably another 5 days before feeling normal again....sigh.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Now I've got it!

And today, I'm so tired of talking, I just want to use a chalkboard a la Anthony Hopkins in Legends Of The Fall. aM hApPy

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Quote of the day...

Last night as we climbed into bed, a sick Don said,

"This is like Rocky IV.
I am Rocky.
This cold is Dolph Lundgren.
And I'm gonna kick it's ass."

I love going to sleep laughing.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

haiku horoscope time

google "vampires"
and "terrorist rabbits"
if you want the truth