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Saturday, June 16, 2012

May Long in Pictures

Even though it's a month late, here's a few photos from May Long 2012:

Oscar lovin' some swinging!

Aali & Oskie discovering wet sand.

Sun dappled walk.

Well timed shot by Papa!

Everyone gathering on the beach for the Solar Eclipse!

Everyone being underwhelemed by the Solar Eclipse!

Two cutie pies doing a self portrait.

Uh, Don? I think you'll need a bigger floaty mat. 
It's never too early! Oh wait, is this the USA?!?

Day trip to Grand Beach with our Chauffeurs.

Ooooh, that's cold...but fun!

Bath time in the cabin sink - every Van A. baby's gotta do it. 


Play time while mama recovers on the couch. Good times!