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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Even though our lives seem to be All About Baby right now, I am bound and determined not to let this turn into a 'mommy blog'. Luckily I have many great examples of people who are mom's and yet their blogs still contain many parts of their lives including their kids. Since the other part of my life lately seems to be sitting on the couch watching tv, I have a recommendation for you.

Check out this BBC mini-series from a couple of summers ago.
A new version of Sherlock Holmes.
No, not the movies that have been coming out the last couple of years, a 'brand new' version and I. Am. Addicted. Saddest part? There are only three of them! I watched them on Netflix, but I'm sure you could find them where ever you watch tv online... I already love Martin Freeman (Watson), but love him even more after watching these and I totally enjoy watching 'Sherlock', he makes a great socially inept genius puzzle solver who you love to hate. Plus I love watching shows base in London...so fun.

Each episode is about an hour and a half, so it's like getting in a good movie annnd Daryl just told me the next three episodes just came out! Hooray! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Our new little man, Oscar.

Today it is 6 weeks since we welcomed Oscar into a cold, bright, loud world. He was 7 lb. 6 oz and pretty much nothing went the way we'd hoped.

-back labour (too painful to talk about)
-meconium in the waters...baby poop
(transport to the hospital when nearly fully dilated)
-somebody was facing the wrong way and had an extra hard time getting out
-some awwwwwful tearing as a result
-baby transport to the nic-u
-A LOT of unexpected post partum hemorrhaging
-a trip to the OR for a whole lotta stitches under general anesthetic
(and the requirement for a catheter...ugh)
-a major hemoglobin drop requiring a blood transfusion in the afternoon
(and a second transfusion the next day)
-no water alllll day in case of emer. surgery
-not getting to really meet Oscar until around 5pm

Then there was still:
-IV antibiotics for him, IV antibiotics for me
-four more days in the hospital
- 3 days of no walking
-a mix up resulting in no pain meds for me
-a mix up resulting in a liquid diet for no reason

Followed by:
-A very sore, tiring week at home
-a fainting spell getting out of the shower which led to
-a trip to the ER at 10:30 at night with a 9 hour wait
-re-admittance to the hospital for another 4 days with an 'unexpected' infection
-another trip down to the OR for a D & C (look it up)
-more 'unexpected' blood loss
-some complications with a high fever
-and to top it all off: breastfeeding issues (ie. ouch!)

Finally six weeks later, I can walk almost normally again; I've finally been able to go out of the house a couple of times; and even breastfeeding has gotten better, but I still tire easily from low Hemoglobin
(it will take a couple months before my body can make a normal amount) and I don't quite feel entirely comfortable on my own yet.

After all this, just one thought comes to mind:
We feel fortunate. Joyful. Lucky. Blessed. Each and every time we look into that increasingly chubby face.

Welcome home our sweetest of sweets.