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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why I Believe In Destiny.

Friday morning I took the resident dog here at our lovely address for a walk.
He was fairly excited and I was pretty happy too.
We were far enough away from the house that it wasn't worth going back for and I, revealing myself as not a dog owner, realized I hadn't forgotten the 'required' plastic bag. There and then I prayed, "Please God, let him just have to pee!". Then I promptly forgot about it.
We had a lovely walk.
It was snowy+he's some kinda hound-ie. likes sniffing=lots of cute and funny snowy snout expressions.
We walked another couple blocks.
He bounded off into the snow once again.
And then.
He wouldn't heel.
I tugged the leash once.
I tugged twice.
I turned around in horror movie slow motion.
At this exact moment, i look down.
I am standing on an empty albeit muddy grocery bag.
There was not another one on the sidewalk before then.
There was not a bag on the road on the last block home.

But there was one in the precise place jed decided he needed to stop.
Had he decided to 'go' 10 steps earlier or later I can assure I would not have searched the streets for a bag. I just would have felt very bad and guilty.
That, in my books, is fate.
Or one really, really, really, smart dog.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


About two years ago I heard this documentary on the radio about this family from Liberia who had immigrated to Canada with only half their kids. For some reason they thought immigration would only let in five person families. So they left behind 3 or 4 of their kids hoping to bring them over just after they got to Canada. But when they got here and applied to have the rest of their children brought over, immigration denied their application. Meanwhile their kids were living bythemselves in a refugee camp without anyone to look after them. I think the ages of their kids were something like 8,10, 14, 15. When they finally got a chance to talk to their kids after months and months, it turned out their 14 year old daughter had been raped and was pregnant and she was shamed and embarrassed and all the other kids were scared as well. Still immmigration said no. They were using the documentary as a plea for help from anyone who could help them. I have heard updates over the past couple years, they were fundraising for DNA testing to prove those were their kids, learning english, finding jobs, etc. That's the history.
This morning I woke up to hear (on the radio) their reunion with their children who were finally let into Canada last friday. They welcomed home their older children and new 2 yr old grandbaby with tears and words of praise and thanks. It made me so happy.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

3 things on my mind today.

1. Today is finally the day. All my sisters, my mom, & my best friend and I are all going to see Jesus Christ Superstar tonight. How lucky am I?!?! I think very, very lucky. :)
2.I love this new band. Thanks Kim for showing me them. Now just to find their cd somewhere...
3. I hear it's supposed to be only -5 today. I think I'll take a walk.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A True Little Picture Story.

Yesterday as we were setting up the new
Elliptical trainer
we bought, Corrie said to me, 'I like how we're eating Mini Eggs while we set up our brand new excercise machine.' I agreed and said,'Yeah, especially as we're eating them from the 1kg bag.'
'Mmmm, delicious..' we both sighed while reaching for a couple more as we put the final screws in. 'Now!'I said,'Let's go to a movie.'
And we did.