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Friday, September 24, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good: I've only had to wear the pair of jeans I brought twice in an entire month!

The bad: We've not had opportunity, time (good decision to go back to Venice rather than staying at the campsite to do laundry!) or we've been too cheap to get any Laundry done in the past 2 1/2 weeks (the latter may be a bad decision but I am NOT paying $11 to do one load!!).

The ugly: that one pair of jeans is my only clean piece of clothing left ... looks like it's washing underwear in the sink tonight!

Since our internet time seems to constantly be limited, here's a few of my favourite photos from the past few weeks...

Lunch in Lisbon...

Wine, bread and laughs on the Seine...

Corrie & Daryl 'skirt' troubles near the Moulin Rouge...ha ha

Don & Daryl and their espresso addiction.

Following tradition and throwing coins over your shoulder into the Fontana de Trevi

Celebrating Don's 30th on a hot Madrid night after a long day...

Oh, didn't you know? I've become a venetian model!

A really fabulous afternoon wine tasting in Northern Italy

For our last week, we head to Holland to visit friends, a nice respite from being strangers in foreign lands and perhaps a few more photos before we head home!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Photos Pour Vous

Sometimes it seems like everywhere I look, something catches my eye that reminds me of people I love thousands of km's away. So I started snapping shots that remind me of ... many of you! Enjoy!

For Cynthia; who showed me by example that famous monuments can still look interesting/beautiful, if you find a new new/different perspective for them...

For Kurt: Here's the promised pint in a nice warm, cheerful pub - The Sommerset Wagon.

For Annika & Nicole; This store made us all think of both of you!

For Melodie; can there be anything better than this??

For Mom; with that unreasonable love of mugs!

For who else, but Monsieur Jean Louis. A whole store?! Awesome.

For Justin; how cool is that?!

For Dad; this (absolutely real!) plane looked to be hanging from just one cable and was only about a foot from the floor!

For Becky; I swear bec, this busker (dressed, as I can only assume, Mr.Tumnus) was playing a flute type thing that sounded exACtly like you'd imagine it to! The most dedicated busker we've seen to date.

That's it for now, but we're bound to have another post or two like this in the coming weeks! Still to come... 'Fun/Pain dans Paris' and 'Home Sweet Portugal 2'....

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Home Sweet Portugal.

Tonight after a long drive through dry, hot Spain, we made our way into Portugal and after getting lost (aGain!), we found the right house and rang the bell of long (almost) lost friends.

What a wonderful feeling to see familiar faces after 20 years! (yikes, am I really that old?!) What a surprise to see grown up faces of beautiful girls last seen at 4 years old. What a relaxing treat to have a glass of wine, a giant bowl of pasta and a table full of soft light and much laughter. What an absolute pleasure to have a tiny villa waiting for us with fresh flowers and linens and ... a speedy internet connection (no more stopping in McDonalds parking lots to steal their free internet connexion!!! ...for now), overlooking the sea.

And best of all?
I never thought I'd be so happy to see toilet seats again!

With all this and five long lovely days of sea and sun stretching before us, I just know I'll be sleeping good tonight!

Here are just a few quick shots I liked from today's drive through Portugal...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Surprise! It's Bath!

I've always known where Bath is. I've passed by it probably 6 times during my life, but never was too, too interested/had the time. This trip, I made time. Time to sort of drag everyone there. Sort of. I was mostly going because I recently read NorthAnger Abbey and I was itching to see the streets that Ms. Austen wrote about. I knew Corrie would happily go along with this. The guys, well, they'll go where ever (they're pretty easy going). But I honestly wasn't expecting the beauty of age. I wasn't expecting The Pump Room to actually still be there! I definitely was not expecting a such a very pretty city... even though my photos below do not nearly do it justice (hopefully Daryl's will!).

I will definitely be going back to Bath someday.

Overlooking the 'Parade Gardens' on the river Avon.

A little further up the river where even their dams were poetic.

In the courtyard outside the pump room and roman baths!

C & D under the city on the river walk.

Two excited girls outside the Pump Room which has been turned into a restaurant that, needless to say we could not afford. Sigh.
Outside view will have to do!

Coming soon: "Fun/Pain dans Paris" & "Photos Pour Vous!"