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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We don't have tonnes of traditions within our family, but one I greatly value is the May Long weekend. We open the cabin for the year and while not everyone makes it every year, it has never failed to be a good time. Even this year with the arrival of the babies, it wasn't too bad. Well, not for me, anyway. The entertainment was non stop for little Oskie and was sort of like a little break for us as parents. 

There was some rain (which I admit, I do like a wee bit) but there was also some sun. Some time for reading, for game playing, for bonfires on the beach. WAY too much eating, though. And I sliced my dang finger cutting a lemon, ouch! Time for a short, but lovely trip to Grand Beach. Although, sadly, we never did get to our game of Trivial Pursuit: LOTR Edition. 

But the best part? Don was there alllllllll weekend. It's been years since he's had May Long weekend off, not been out somewhere on tour. It was good. And since we went out one day later than we wanted to, we stayed until Tuesday afternoon, taking our time to pack up and leave. One of the lucky aspects of our life. 

Worst part? Apparently my iron levels are not  quite up to par, yet. While packing up to go, a glass lid broke and got put in the garbage bin. Then a few minutes later, I stuff some garbage into the can and push right down on the sharp part of the glass, slicing open my finger. I walk to the sink and think, 'Oh crap. That's a lot of blood.' I call out, "Don!" and he jumps up and drags a chair over to the sink. The last thing I say is, 'Oh, jeez, it's not thAt bad!' sitting down on the chair. I then proceed to have a quick nap sponsored by Tim Burton and slowly,   e    v      e    r          s     o       s       l      o     w     l       y,  I make my way back through the fog of mind and sounds to Don and my dad holding me up at the sink bandaging my bloody digit. Once I figured out where I was again, stopped the full body sweats and had a little lie down (Don carried me to the couch-did I mention how glad I was that he was there this weekend?), I thought of how I should probably not quite abandon my vitamins that have been so faithful to me this year. Because I don't want "Pam passes out" to become a new tradition.

However I would still say an over all fine time. Thank you Queen Victoria for having a spring time birthday. 

Photos may or may not follow...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Reason Why I Love Becky #243

While most people just accept that when sending email from their iphone, the automatic message "sent from my iphone" (see eg. 01) will appear... Rebecca does not. (see eg. 02) 
Thereby making my day.

eg. 01

eg. 02

Friday, May 04, 2012

Mermaids, Music & Barefeet

Just bought my 2012 Folk Festival ticket on Monday.

It's got me all excited and even more ready for summer.

First come a few fun springish traditions like May Long Weekend at the cabin or our annual kids service and picnic with our church.

But then: it's July. 

Canada Day; I love how the festive feeling around our city always feels like a exciting kick off to summer.

Canoe trip plans or, this year, just regular camping plans.

And a week into the blissful summer month comes the packing of the cooler with tasty treats, the repair of the mermaid tarp marker, the dusting off of wide brim shade hats meant for protection out in long days of sun and the expectation of many hours of good music.

Of course this year, there'll be some differences...a little more time spent in the children's tent. A little more time spent at the sand pile. A little less falling asleep whenever, where ever you feel like. 

But however it goes, it will be good. 
Well, as long as it's not plus 5 and raining.