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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Okay, I don't care if corrie already posted pretty much the exact same story on her blog, because it was one of my London highlights too.
Read here for the story.
See below for the picture.

Yes, I look serious, I didn't want to have some big goofy smile
for such an important artifact of history!

Coming soon: 'The Surprise of Bath' and also: 'Fun/Pain in Paris'...
but for now - blessed sleep in a bed.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ooops, I may have forgotten to say...

That we've been rather quickly planning a trip to Europe.

Annnnnd, I also haven't said that we left 3 days ago.


That we had a nice day by default in the lovely and well organized Hamburg, Germany. Here we are, ridiculously tired.
A almost flawless journey into London.

And then a fricken awesome apartment to stay in for our duration of London.

Things are going well so far, but I have a feeling I won't be posting too often, but someone else will...hopefully. Check it out to follow our journey: here.

And Becky, please don't forget to water my three plants!! I know they're only little, but they brighten up my kitchen! Thanks!!

More to come...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Neighbourhood Watch

Around here they're known as the 'neighbourhood watch'.

They walk the length of our short street about 10 times a day.

They sit on their front steps and watch the river (and the neighbours!) go by.

They stand on the corner and watch the traffic for hours at a time.

They make countless trips to throw stuff in the BFI bin belonging to the apt's.

Last year, I lamented the fact that my tiny selection of neighbours (there's only four other houses on our street... well, there is also three giant faceless apartment buildings, but the people just disappear into those like stars into a black hole...), doesn't leave much in the way of community. I wanted some families, or some young cool couples. Or some old ladies looking for company and tea and chit chat. But I think I'm starting to change my mind..

The 'neighbourhood watch' is 4 old men, all 70-85 years in age. As I've slowly gotten to know them over the past couple of years, they've slowly worked their way into the warm fuzzy area of my heart.

They eat peanuts on their carpet covered outdoor steps.

They wave hello each time I walk across the street to the market or ride up to lock my bike at my own carpet covered front steps.

They like to chat and tell me about the way of life that has been lost to them. Their lost wives, their lost careers, their lost children, their lost agility. (One of them likes to mention his lost memory ...too often-too often because he claims you lose your memory due to too much goooood love makin'. This used to creep me out, but now it just makes me laugh.)

They watch me paint my fence (from two feet away) and give me approval.

They like to yell at each other (a la 'Grumpy Old Men'), but always give each other a hand, or help with car repairs, or reminders to "Take your damn pill!" or "Don't forget you gotta put those eye drops in in half an hour, you don't want to be late with those..."

And so, slowly, I've come to realize that my neighbours are pretty great, just in their own way.