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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Sunday Sixteen...

1. Hello yellow leaves. Hello sweaters. Hello apples from everybody's trees.

2. I really like both my jobs. I feel pretty sorry for people who hate their work.

3. Soon my tattoo will be 10 years old...i would love to make it a little more artistic and embellished. It's pretty simple right now. I think that will be my goal for this winter.

4.  I am a little obsessed with Haiku poetry. 
From 'Haiku Horoscopes' in Uptown Magazine, 

(here's 2 of my favorites:)

Turn down that invite
To attend Dracula's red
Wine-tasting party

For Mother's Day, go
Back in time and prevent the 
Pain of your own birth

...to one of my favorites from 'Fight Club' 

Worker bees can leave
Even drones fly away
The queen is their slave

to a recent National Geographic article I read on Basho, 

Sadly, I part from you;
Like a clam torn from its shell,
I go, and autumn too.

The whole format of haiku intrigues me...perhaps my attention span is even shorter than I thought?

5. Last January my one New Years Resolution was to not get even one plastic grocery or retail bag while shopping. I am coming up on a successful 9 months in just a couple of days. Needless to say my cloth bag collection has grown quite a bit. Next year's goal: no bags or styrofoam.

6. Today I watched the best video on youtube. It was this great Gospel choir (with really bad sound distortion) called Chosen Generation. They took one song from really churchy and classical to totally funked out. And I learned this: It's alright-it's alright- it's alright to groove with Jesus. It has now been stuck in my head for 24 hours straight.

7. Currently we have a mOTHer of a spider in our house. I have to say I am a pretty big fan of spiders. They pose no threat (at least the north american house spiders I live with don't!) to me, eat other bugs that I HATE and are totally cool to look at. No arachnophobia in this basement.

8. We were offered a house that is for rent. It would be good for Don and his music/band practices/ recording. But I've lived in apartments for so long that I'm not sure how I would handle not having to share space...I'd probably get lonely!!

9. Don came home from two shows this week with big paycheques. One was a fundraiser and the other was just totally unexpected and we are both feeling very grateful this week.

10. A message from one of my sisters left on our phone:
(if you can guess who it is-you'll be the winner..ps-they all have cell phones now.)
"Hi Donald, it's _______ calling. Give me a call tomorrow morning before noon because I will be leaving shortly after that. Okay, so...yeah...oh wait! I have a cell phone, so it doesn't really matter. Okay bye!" This still has me chuckling a week later.

11. Speaking of Cell Phones, I just realized this week that I am the only sibling left who does not have a personal cell phone and I am feeling just a teeeny bit proud. That's not to say I don't totally take advantage of their phones when I am with them. I just like to know...it's still possible to live without one.

12.Paul Newman died on Friday, I heard this morning. One of my favourite older actors, I have never seen him in his Oscar winning role in 'The Colour of Money'. I think I might do that next week.

13.travelling-i have not done as much as i thought i would by the time i turned 28.  We've been trying to remedy that, hopefully we'll get better at it in the next couple years.

14. I like watching really bad, bad movies. I don't mean like dirty or anything, just really badly written. Sometimes I just get in the mood to see a suuuuuuper cheesy action flick (latest example: Death Race which I saw on friday) or in really specific moods, a really cheesy romantic comedy (ie. 'No Reservations'). I'm not afraid to admit it. But only at the cheap seats. 

15. Today we had a potluck at our church. I LOVE potlucks. Not just because of the variety of food, but because at every single one there is such a sense of family and community. Today's was especially good, but I'm not sure why!

16. I am planning to finish up this post and then pour myself  a nice cold can of vanilla coke. No longer available in Canada- or at least Winnipeg (How dare they get me addicted and then take it away...) my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful, loving sister brought me back a case when she was in Fargo a couple of weeks ago. And I love her. Almost as much as I love my 12 pack of vanilla coke.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Thursday... 20?

Well, I tried to make a 'thursday 13' of our trip out east, but just couldn't narrow it down. So here are my favorite 21 pictures of our first road trip together, out to Nova Scotia.
Our first relaxed night at St.Joseph's Oratory in Montreal.

A lovely day spent in Vieux-Quebec

We did have our fights, though. 
I did make Don cry.

Can you tell? We've made it to the red beaches of Anne's Island!

...Where it rained almost the whole time.

Except this one morning with a lovely view out our tent door.

Our one and only foggy day in Halifax. Really. Foggy.

Arriving in Nova Scotia where Don reunited with a 
grandmother unseen for 17 years...what a reunion!

A fun day spent on the beach at low tide.

How interesting to go from being the only Amero's in MB to being 
one of so many, your last name greets you on the doorsteps!

It's wonderful to be reminded of how your own happiness is so 
strongly connected to the happiness of the ones you love.

Grandson Amero, Grandmother Amero & Great Gram Amero!

Even cloudy days are breathtaking by the ocean.

Bingo with Gram, aw shucks, no winners.

Nope, I can't make Don laugh this good on purpose.

One of the days that makes you regret not living on the coast.

A sunset ferry ride to Saint John, can goodbye get more lovely?
(um...the sky, not me. ha ha.)

A soaking fun good time on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls!

Our beautiful first view of Niagara, American side. 
Definitely not as good as the Canadian side. Nowhere close. :P

One last stop beside the ocean, you say?
Nope, a surprise highway beach in...Michigan!?!

What a beautiful day to spend....in the car.

After three weeks away from home, there actually is nothing 
like coming home to Manitoba.
(Oh, except maybe Saskatchewan.)