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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good one!

This morning on the radio show Q, Paul McCartney (whom I love), totally got the host, Gian Gomeshi (who I nearly can't stand), with a joke, that rendered him (Gian) speechless for a moment.
It was a lovely, lovely moment.

Thank you Paul for making my morning.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


1. Going it alone this week... usually I don't mind, but for some reason it seems lonelier than usual.

2. Boy, does summer bring out the couch surfing requests...none for like 5 months and then three in one week. Too bad I'm not comfortable hosting alone.

3. We're headed on a canoe trip next week, I'm hoping that this bloody hot weather keeps going. I freaking love hot canoe trips.

4. The lettuce in my garden is being a beeotch. It's totally behind all the other plants and only like 1/3 of it is even coming up. It's too bad because it was the one thing I was looking forward to eating soon!

5. I hope the person who rifled through our car last week at 2:30 am really enjoyed the $2.37 they took from the cup holder. You're so lucky don only heard you walking away, he had his beat stick all ready.

6. Don 'stole' all my favourite bands at the folk fest and posted them on facebook, so now I feel like I've been scooped, but here they are anyway: reallllly, really enjoyed Blue Rodeo, even though I complained about Don dragging me there for at least a week before hand...it was worth it. Also really liked this band 'Blind Pilot' and 'The Crooked Brothers'. That was a fun, hot, long weekend.

7. I drank my fair share of lemonades at FF. I figured since the boys were buying a few beers at $6 a pop, I wouldn't worry too much about having a couple $3 lemonades. They're so delicious.

8. I made super delicious angel hair - cream sauce - fresh basil - cherry tomato -sauted onion pasta tonight with a fresh baguette. So wouldn't have happened if St.Leon Jardin wasn't across the street and flippin' awesome.

9. We cleaned the heck out of our house last week because we had company coming...it's pretty awesome. Everything still so clean. Hopefully we can stay on top of this easy cleaning now.

10. I'm planning on a tasty strawberry milkshake tomorrow using the fresh MB strawberries we picked last week. It's going to be deeeeelicious.

Monday, July 04, 2011

My Little Sister is Married...weird. *

*Or also titled, "IT'S FINISSSSSHHHHHHHED!!!!!"

Tom & Becky "The Wedding" is over.

Just a few boxes to unpack from the car and I'll
spend the rest of this week relaxing. Maybe a
movie or two, some gardening, a gelati 'date'
(hint, hint, Donald).
Maybe I'll even fit some work in there. Ha ha.

Here's the list I've been crossing off in my gmail
tasks lists. I'm deleting it today.


  • Coffeehouse/Social
  • Backyard Shower at Mom & Dad's
  • Amazing Race Bachelorette Party
  • Invitations
  • 12 Little Cakes
  • Flowers
  • Dress
  • Ceremony
  • Bar
  • Decor
  • Food
  • Reception
  • Candy Bar...
  • Bridesmaid Dress
  • Wedding Gift
Looking at those items (which each had about 3
sublists, I'll spare you boring wedding deets)it almost
looks like my wedding, which it definitely wasn't.
But I love lists, and I love getting details organized,
perhaps that's why Becky kept introducing me to
people as her 'Wedding Planner' over the last
couple of weeks. Funny thing is soooooo many
people kept mentioning that me and Corrie
(I'm only good at the organizing part, Corrie's the
creative/problemsolving/calming part) and Kim
(kim's the fun/smiley/make us laugh part)*
should go into wedding or event planning and
we're all like..."No Way!!"

Why? We do things on the cheap. We DIY it BIG TIME
and with whatever we have. It might not always be
the best idea, it might not even hold up the
whole time, we just make it work with what we have.
Why do we do it?
Yes, part because we're cheap (ahem, I mean frugal),
but we mostly do it because we love our family.
We love our sisters in a very special (gag) sister love
kinda way. It's pukey, but it's the truth. They'll still
love us if it doesn't go perfectly. They throw an idea
our way, we understand almost instantly and then
figure it out and try our best make it happen.
Being under pressure to make that happen?
Having to do things 'properly'?
I'd probably kill the first bride who hired me/us.

Plus, I think we've used up all our super good ideas.
And now we're done with weddings.

But I can't WAIT to see the pictures,
it was a pretty freakin' awesome time.

Congrats to our feisty Bec AND
our new super awesome bro, Tom.

*(Yes, bec helps out with stuff too, but she's the whiney workhorse who helps get it
done... albeit very painfully. ha ha you know it's true bec!! But you know how to power
through and we still love you. And you make us take juice breaks, so that's cool.)