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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pick a movie...any movie.

I was thinking of going to see a movie tonight.
I checked out the one I wanted to see
and I decided to read a few fan reviews.
After reading Mr.Smartie-pants,
I couldn't help but check out his other reviews.
It must be sad to have NO imagination.

(A Romanitc Drama:)
Dull. Very predictable.
Wanted to walk out of the movie it was so very very dull. 2/10

(A Kids just-for-fun kinda movie:)
Very juvenile movie. A young teenager may find funny.
Wait for the DVD or the TV version. Not worth the time... 2/10

(War Documentary:)
Overall, very boring, dull dull dull, avoid at all cost... 2/10

(Action Movie:)
Overall dull. I almost seems that the makers of the movie were banking on past box office success to promote this sequel. Looks like a bad overindulgent 80's movie. 2/10

Perhaps he should start reading some reviews himself
before heading out to the theatre.

Or take up reading.

**Brownie points to whoever can guess the four movies
(hint: all from 2008)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

13 Things I Love/Hate About December...

1. I love the way my winter jacket crinkles when it gets below -30 C.

2. I hate being asked 3 times a day, "Ohhh, have you got all your christmas shopping done?"

3. I love picking out a sad little $20 Christmas Tree over the big, showy-offy $80 'balsam pines'.

4. I love wearing slippers at work. Um..yah, my p/t office job, not my p/tpita store job, that would be weird.

5. Two word: freezing nosehairs.

6. I love Christmas lights. Everywhere. Inside. Outside. On wreaths. On Christmas trees through windows. On fences. Around windows. Around garages. Everywhere. 
The world is so dark and dreary again by February.

7. I hate hearing so many mutilated Christmas songs, such as the remixed dance version of 'Carol Of The Bells' that I just heard.

8. I love giving gifts. I honestly think I could just give and get nothing and be happy. Especially if I can find or make something perfectly suited to the person. I just picked up six PERFECT presents I had made this year that I know each person will love. happy sigh.

9. I hate Christmas commercials on tv. Especially for big dumb toys and especially for wal-mart. Just shut up already. We ALL know you don't care about us, just profit.

10. I looooooooooooooooove eggnog. 
(Specifically by Lucerne.) 

11. I hate how crazy all the drivers get whenever you are in a 10 block radius of any mall.

12. I love our fairly new tradition of the: Boxing-Day-Lord-of-the-Rings-all-of-the-extended-editions-included Marathon.

13. I especially love these days of december: 24, 25, 26, 27 and 31. In fact the whole week of christmas eve to new years day just feel's like the whole world is relaxing, celebrating and at peace. 

That is unless you take part in boxing day. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freedom again!

Finally, finally, finally the internet is working well at home. It's been hard living with on again/off again access for almost two months. I am not afraid to admit I love the internet. I almost caved and ordered expensive high speed right into our house. But our wireless doo-hicky system seems to be working-thank the heavens above and our kind landlord. Now I'll be able to sit around and blog again!
Christmas themed posts coming soon!