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Monday, June 22, 2009

Home and Away

Just a quick updatey sort of post (because I know there are SO many of you just dying to hear of updates on my super exciting life).

1. Don is home. It is lovely to have him home again and not have to walk around before bed and check all the doors before I can sleep soundly.

2. After two busy days(Yes, I'm counting one as busy before it even happens), we finally head out to Vancouver Island for a week, tomorrow.

3. I had lunch with my dad on their sun deck today while the rest of the lunchers decided to eat at the table. We just sat their each with our respective sandwich and section of the paper, not much talking. 
It was a good way to spend a bit of time on Father's Day.

That's it!
We are off! To have fun,relax and maybe...maybe, take a surfing lesson.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still Reeling

Oh. My. Goodness.

After years of longing I finally got to see one of my most favourite bands last night, Coldplay. I've loved coldplay long before they became megastars and their screaming fans filled massive halls. I thought I might be a little disappointed to be there among 10,000 or so other people who, I knew, didn't all appreciate/love them quite like I do.  ;P 

I. Was. So. Wrong.

I have been to a ton of big concerts. Some have been awesome, some have been so-so. One was so bad, we left! But none of them even come close to the incredible creativity of the concert last night. I know that the band probably doesn't plan the show themselves, but they must be behind making it an experience, not just a typical concert. 

Everything, every single thing, was incredibly well done.

Sound, visual effects, audience involvement, even the megatron video screens were uniquely different not to mention the crazy live filming styles and free cd they gave to all.
While sitting through the first two bands, I wondered if I maybe shouldn't have spent the $100 that I didn't really have, our seats weren't as good as we thought, I was amidst so many people, they wouldn't let me bring in my reusable water bottle (I snuck it in anyway!), we forgot the binoculars...but when the band  came out and played a few songs and you could see their happiness at being so lucky to do what they love to do, I was happy for them to be able to do what they were born to do and to realize that by making the night an experience few will forget and give me the realization that I would gladly pay even more to go to a show like that again!

Thanks Coldplay for not only not disappointing, 
but for fricken blowing my socks off.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Home Stretch Haiku

nights I miss you most
but soon the road brings you home
safe tired loved

Monday, June 01, 2009

Ahh...to be part of the world again...

This is the week I feel, I truly have learned my lesson that that doing
too much physically and emotionally is just no good for you.

Let's just say that running to the bathroom to unexpectedly vomit in a drugstore and then waking up on the bathroom floor 10 minutes later with an goose egg complimenting your already very hard and stubborn head followed by 3 days of drowsy in and out sickness
is not as much fun as it sounds.

However, it does amuse me that being that sick and.... "ugh",
causes quite a few people to ask if you're pregnant.
(Which, of course, I'm not...knock on wood.)

So, this lovely Monday
(I unlike the rest of the world have never 'hated' mondays,
but that's a whole other post...),
I'm happy to actually be able to do house cleaning,
make pancakes for supper for me and grandma and
thoroughly enjoy the tremendous thunderstorm that passed through.

Life feels fresh and clean and new today.