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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This past weekend my heart hurt for my best friend. And I don't call my friends 'best' easily. I couldn't really put into words what I wanted to say, but then, my sisters did perfectly.

Go ahead and read here and here because they've both said it better than I could.

Friday, November 09, 2012

If these walls had ears...

It's kinda like the walls in Oscar's room do have ears...with the baby monitor. While I get some work done in the back room, out of sight and out of mind, I'm waaaay to lazy to get up and turn off the baby monitor and so I get to keep up with what's going on in the rest of  our tiny little house. It's pretty great, especially when the other parent doesn't realize it's still on. I almost feel like I'm on that episode of Modern Family, you know when Cam and Mitch can hear the neighbours...maybe I should get a big bowl of popcorn too.

So far I've heard:

-Oscar grabbing the monitor and jabbering on into it during some alone playtime
-A diaper change happen in, I kid you not, a complete pakistani accent, which consequently made me laugh out loud all alone here in the back 
-Quite a few 'uh-oh's' from the little guy and a few 'Hey, what are you doin'? ha ha, get outta there's!'
-Many, many truck noises from both the one year old and the thirty two year old
-Papa singing along to a song on PBS that I didn't even know he knew...

I'm hoping the fun continues even though I'm totally being distracted from working. It's a pretty sweet distraction.

Who knew one way could be so entertaining!