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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Proud as Punch.

This morning we attended the launch of a great campaign that Don was invited to be a part of called, "Stop Sex With Kids". It's all about all of us in society recognizing the dangerous people who prey on kids...and it's up to us, all of us to protect and help them. So...you may see Don on tv in the next two months in a PSA all about this, and I must say, he's pretty good. I'm just so happy that through his music, he gets to be an important role model and voice for various things, and especially bringing one that is so dark into the light.

Check out their site (and the TV PSA!) for more information here.

Friday, April 23, 2010


The little movie rental store by my
parents house is finally shutting down.
They tried, but they just can't compete with the internet.
(Really, who can?)
Too bad, because they were a good little store.
I noticed this week when I stopped by
that they were selling ALL their movies!
That's like a casino deal for a gambling addict to me!

45 mintues later and I walked out with my wallet lighter
and my arms full of movies...mostly good ones.
(I say mostly because I also picked up some 'silly' ones for Don!)
Here's a sampling of the good ones I snagged:
Dear Frankie, The Visitor, Return To Me, Luther, God Grew Tired of Us,
Ghandi, The Fast Runner and also The Snow Walker.
All of these movies are just so good and at $3 a shot,
could you honestly expect a movie lover to refuse?

I didn't think so.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010!

I had much bigger plans for earth day this year.

Due to some unforseen circumstances (including my poor Grandma breaking her arm!), my earth day this year will consist of driving, working, a nice lunch on the back deck, a short walk and some good old tv watching tonight...not exactly what I had in mind!

But my composting, biking, gardening, trash picking up, awareness helping plans will just have to happen throughout the year without the big kick start of Earth day as planned.

So get outside! Enjoy this beautiful earth!

(And take a little action to help it...if you dare!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best Dream Ever!

Last night I dreamed that I went for a horse ride that I had signed up for. When I got there, I found out that it was actually a pegasus ride. It was fantastic. We took off, just me and my horse...flew over and around an amazing valley. I saw my older sister out on a walk and yelled and yelled until she saw me and waved. Then after flying through the most beautiful sunsetting sky we came in for a smooth landing. I realized when I landed that I didn't even know my horse's name, so I asked the trainers. He was called Dr. Pepper!! (I assume it was named after it's deep brown colour.) Seems quite fitting for such a mythical creature, doesn't it? Ha ha. To make the dream only better, I dreamed that I had 'accidentally' agreed to marry someone and had signed the 'contract', so we were married, but I couldn't wait to get out of it so I could be with my good 'friend', Don, who was always hanging around. It should have been a messed up dream, but you know how dreams are... I knew that everything would work out alright, as long as I could avoid my annoying, clingy 'husband' and find Don to hang out with. When I woke up, it was soooo good to have Don right there beside me...but sadly, no Dr.Pepper. Ah well, after all, Don is better than a Pegasus.

Here's a shot of just how Dr.Pepper looked, just imagine
him in brown and more like a normal horse...
it's really hard to find good pegasus art online!!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Pam's Addiction

It's true.
Have you seen it?

It is fan-bleeding-tastic!
What he is trying to do is incredible.
Basically his goal is to change the hot lunch school programs to fresh, healthy, tasty food on budget so that the kids will be happier, smarter, more focused, healthier, etc. Then hopefully that will take it a step further and teach families that it's not as hard to do it at home too! He's giving free cooking lessons at a temporary store he's set up in 'the fattest town in the US' and he's going to people's houses, who are at the end of their food rope to help them change their detrimental diets and help save kids.

Really, really, he's just trying to start by planting a seed in fat people's brains that they don't have to eat the horrible processed frozen fake deep fried crap called food that is forced at them by many, many industries.

And while a lot of them are starting to get on board, a bunch are not. It is soooooo demoralizing. I know it's just a tv show, but I think it's brilliant of him to use the medium that is helping keep them down to help change their lives. And mine. It makes me think...hmmm, what can I make for breakfast, lunch, supper today that will be good??

I think the big pie in the sky hope is that it will snowball to where people change how food is processed, advertised, sold, consumed. Yeah, yeah, it's a big dream. But I'm a believer.

So if you like him, take a peek.
If you don't, can you at least appreciate what he's doing?
If you're American, sorry about that, but you can go sign his petition to change school food and guidelines so that french fries don't count as two servings of vegetables for those poor fat kids.

And I'll just be happy that Canada didn't make the top ten fattest countries list...yet.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bad Week/Good Week

Rough week in ways, then quite internally celebratory in other ways.

Thank goodness for sisters.

Browsing through some photos on our computer, these ones from our trip last December to NYC seemed especially meaningful to me...