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Monday, July 20, 2009

Away We Go...

Well, I had a great post in the making, with pictures and everything...but I ran out of time!  And now we are away again on an early flight to Edmonton followed by Yellowknife for a few days! I am REALLY excited! I guess I'll just have to write up a couple of really good posts upon our return. Now off to bed as I realized the alarm is set for exactly four hours from now!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Avoid Cankers-Become Comatose Today!!

I know I have much, much, much more exciting things to post, but I just have this darned canker sore that is making life (somewhat) miserable. I looked up some home remedies and also came across this paragraph:


Have you been under stress, or recently eaten certain foods, such as chocolate, strawberries, certain nuts, peanut butter or cinnamon? Citrus fruits and juices, especially orange, grapefruit and lemon, and tomatoes are often cited as possible causes. Eggs, wheat, pork, oranges, honey and brewer's yeast can also be culprits. Recent dental work, ill fitting dentures or braces can be causes. Do you suffer from allergies, have recently menstruated or had antibiotics? Even local injury to the mouth from brushing your teeth too hard, eating sharp or hard foods, or chewing can cause cankers. These possible causes may give you clues as to where the sores came from and how to avoid them.

So what they're meaning to say is if you just try not to live, you should be canker sore free for the rest of your pathetically short and boring life. Just the news I wanted to hear. 

Thank you super helpful website.