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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wherein I am %100 selfish.

To my family & close friends:
Because apparently I can be hard to shop for,
here are some things I have been thinking of
buying over the last few months. Please feel
free to be creative and also think of your own
ideas..(I really like homemade presents)

1.A brown zip up hoodie. A funky one. A hip one.
Obviously since I use the word hip, I can't find myself one...
(Hint, hint, BECKY, actually more than a hint, I
only want becky to attempt this one)

2. A Butterbell. Ever since I heard Sue rave about hers, I would really, really like one.

3. A super awesome garlic press/slicer.
(Ideally I'd love this one from Crate & Barrel,
but I do suppose I would also appreciate just
the regular pressing kind too!)

4.This game I love playing called, "Pass The Pigs".
I would prefer exhibit a., but would be happy with exhibit b.
(Right now, you can find these at the game /calender temp. booth at St.Vital)

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

5.Quiddler-a fun word/card game.
(Jogo Toys on meadowood carries it.)

6.An old standby, but a good one.
Movie Gift Certificates.
Free movies can never be bad.

7. Sara Groves' New CD:
Tell Me What You Know.
(coming out November 6th. Perfect!
If you want to hear how awesome it
will be listen here: www.myspace.com/saragroves )

8.Norah Jones debut CD:
"Come Away With Me"
(I bought this cd years ago and
played it until it stopped working.
I'd like to hear it again. :)

9. A new pair of oven mitts.
(Not neccessarily the ones pictured,
just a pair without gaping, burnt
holes in them...although, I most
definately do NOT want the silicone
ones(see lower picture) I hate those!)

10. Red Earth Eyeshadow.
In Particular either the
Havana Nights or Midsummers Dream
Shades. You might need to take me with
you to get this one.
(I would never buy this expensive make up on
my own, so it will only happen in gift form.)

Well, once again this year, I believe I have provided a nice range of gifts if you were/are fretting. Due to a few double presents last year, you might want to check with the rest of the...people to make sure someone
else hasn't already got it.
Wow, I feel like I am my own secretary.
So organized.
Or bored.
Whatever you like to call it.
Happy hunting.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Simple Phrase

You know what Paintstores*?
I realize that you probably aren't swamped with customers mid october and therefore may only have one employee scheduled for a Tuesday afternoon, but if that is the case and there happens to be more than one customer in the store...perhaps you should think about investing in a short customer service training course for that employee. Because let me tell you: I do not appreciate having to go to 3 different stores before I get a simple, "I'll be right with you Miss!" and I can finally stop milling around like a lost cow amongst the herd and patiently wait my turn for my 1 can of dark chocolate tinted paint.
Okay? Okay.
*And I do mean to generalize that to ALL store that sell paint-including big home renovation stores and small mom and pop paint stores! Argh.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Today it just didn't feel like October to me...

But I know it is. Sigh.