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Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31st

The past few years of my life, I equally dread/look forward to Don going on tour. I hate living alone, but I have a great life here and many, many people to live/stay/hang out with if (ha ha, I mean when) I get tired of being alone. Also, it gives me great opportunity to get things done around our house without pressure. If I feel like shampooing the carpet at 1:30 am, I do! And being alone can give you really great opportunity to grow a bit as a person....well, for me anyways. This is probably the fifth or sixth tour where he's been gone for more than two weeks straight. I've gotten pretty used to them, especially with the hundreds of overnight/weekend shows thrown in over the past few years. (It really is not that hard to get used to, when you know the person you love is gone doing something that they just love.)

But this tour was different.

This time I had aching, aching longings for 'my other half'. This time I had moments of yearning for my friend who just understands me, who lets me talk/complain/be silly to about anything, such yearning for his presence that would suddenly bring me to tears in very public places. Some days are not so bad. Some days, no matter how they were filled with things to do, my mind would constantly wander back to thoughts of him. Before this gets too cheesy (Already too late, you say? oh well, too bad for you), I am a very firm believer in the saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". It is quite true and I have always found it strengthens our relationship in a way ...
I guess it was just something I couldn't shake this time.

So today at 3:52 pm, I'll drive to the airport and be just SO happy!

And.... just maybe, I'll just look into joining the rest of the tours somehow from now on...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Five

It's forecasted to rain allllll weekend here, but I don't really mind that much ...hence's today's list:

5 Reasons I Like Rainy Days:

5.You don't feel nearly as bad working inside all day (as compared to when it's +30 and a gorgeous blue sky outside).

4.I love lightning and thunder. Almost as much as fireworks. Maaaaybe even a little more because it's natural. Either way, I get excited and glued to the window until it's over.

3.I love clouds. Yes, I love the big puffy summery ones, but there is something about the dark menacing ones travelling low in the sky, rolling across the sky seemingly eating up the bright blueness...I especially love big dark clouds approaching in old paintings like this one. Look out sheepies!

2. Rainy days you have no excuse not to get a nice book, a nice couch and a nice cup of tea for a while. Or, alternately, a nice friend, a cozy table by the stormy window and a nice conversation (oh, and don't forget that nice cup of hot tea!).

1. A combined love for umbrellas and rubber boots!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sunburn time.

I was not counting on that.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

It is time.

May Long Weekend is here...
my favourite weekend from January to June.

Cabin time.

Family time.

Baby time.

Food time.

Freezie time.

Beach time.

Bonfire time.

Veranda time.

Badminton time.

Dance badminton time.

Barbecue time.

Tophats time.

Relaxin' time.

And I don't give even one hoot about what those weathermen are saying!

Monday, May 17, 2010

love it/hate it

Why do I love it so?
  1. It is an unimaginable improvement to conversations to see the person you want to talk to...especially if it's your loved one away on tour until June.
  2. It saves so much money!
  3. I do feel a bit like I'm in the future (uh, Total Recall anyone?) using it and that is lots of fun.

Why do I hate it so?
  1. Unless you have a laptop, you must sit in your office (alt. at your computer desk) for all convo's.
  2. It makes fighting easier and hanging up harder than regular telephones.
  3. I have old-person-fear-of-technology-syndrome sometimes that makes me think someone in the cyber world is recording my calls!

That being said, I'm still mostly leaning towards the 'love it' end more than the hate it. Thanks Skype inventors!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

that was close

Today I brought my brand new bottle of "Sweet Almond Milk" lotion (discount at Zellers-hurrah!) to work. I twist the pump top in the 'Open' direction, smell the deliciousness, then pump it vigorously to start my work day smelling nice. No luck. Nothing comes out. I try again and again and finally, reluctantly twist off the whole pump top hoping it's not broken. 'Oooooh, this is weirdly slimy lotion' I think to myself still inhaling the intoxicating smell and savouring my good find on the bargain table. I suddenly realize it is very weird lotion and dip the lid up and down, up and down a few times just staring at the strange consistency. I swipe a bit onto my finger, rub it onto my hand at the exact same moment my brain kicks in and says "This looks like SHAMPOO!" Sure enough, a quick turn to the label lets me see the words 'Body Wash'. Sigh. So much for my nice smelling beginnings at work. Well, I guess it still would have smelled nice rubbed all over my face and arms, it just would have been a very... soapy rest of day. Here's hoping the lotion version is still on that bargain table...

Friday, May 07, 2010

My Public Announcement

This past week, we finally ordered a laptop.
We've actually been needing one for a while now.
I was having trouble admitting that we actually "needed" one...

but with two people now working from home

and don away from home for more than two months a year

and attempting to work from the road (in internet cafes..ugh)

we bit the bullet and placed our order...on apple.ca...gasp!

That's right. We ordered a Macintosh. A macbook pro.
After working on pc's for years and years and years and, I might add, being completely anti-mac, I am admitting today to the not only willing, but excited purchase of one last Tuesday.

Now, I'm not trying to convert anyone (like I have any friends who care about that kinda stuff...except you Daryl), I am merely stating my own happy conversion. And I'm not trying to sound like a completely materialistic consumer...it has been a long, long road to be able to impress me. I didn't give up the pc world easily, but after working and playing on their products for the last 2-3 years, their ideas for making things easier for their users are just so helpful, smart and modern. It takes a little getting used to, but if you are open to being open...you might be able to understand the goodness too.

For now...I am happy to work on the couch and watch missed tv shows in bed-hurrah!

And a big thank you to my in house (well, practically), always on call computer specialist, d-hibbie, for just making the transition sweeter.