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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It makes me laugh each time Don is out of town.
I come home the first day he is gone & there are like15 phone messages-all for him. I always forget to change the answering machine until the 2nd day he is gone and then... always on the second day, I come home to exactly O messages. Funny, how 10 years ago that same fact would have depressed me and now I am left only with a great sigh of relief. I guess being grown up can be fun!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Things...

About Minneapolis? There are none.
About our trip? There are some.
About Sara Groves? There are many.

You can read here & here about how awful Min. was.
Mostly our own fault-or mine- for not printing up directions.
I really, truly, honestly do hate freeways.
I understand the neccessity & the benefits.
And still I hate them.
Call me small town, call me whatever you want.
Give me my nice old turn around wherever you want Winnipeg with bad drivers any day of of the year.

Our trip did have a few redeeming qualities though.
*It was awesome to be in a car with just my four sisters for nearly 48 hours.
(I don't know if I could have taken that with anyone else.)
*It was amazing to do Extreme Trampolining with Becky.
(After 5 years without the chance? Thanks Bec!)
*It was tons of fun to bust it through ikea with Bec while Corrie & Kim sat in the restaurant sipping Lingonberry juice.
*It was relieving to finally see Shingle Creek Pkwy exit and feel the hopeful excited expectancy that filled the car.
*It was incredible to see the woman we were there to see introduce her family throughout the evening including singing with her parents & bringing out her new 4 mo old daughter.
*It was happiness fulfilled to see corrie open her new Spring! box.
*It was heartwarming to look in the rearview mirror to see the smiling faces of my two younger sisters lit up by "Little Women" playing on the mini DVDer.
*It was a nice thing to have the border guard wave us through even though we'd overspent a bit.
*It warmed up my soul while me & Corrie sang through every one of our favourite S.G. songs off of all 5 of her cds while driving the dark open prairies.
*It was good to stop for tea (& my cookie) near fargo on our way home.
*It made me as happy as it always does to hear beautiful harmony drifting throughout the air wherever Kim is.
*It was wonderful to see nauseated Corrie finally muching on some soda crackers.

So. The best part:Sara Groves. Where to start?
~How can one person fill you with such a love for the world? Even & especially the ones you don't want to like?
~How can one person make you feel like God is sitting right next to you, holding your hand, looking over at you every now and then, smiling that knowing smile Just At You?
~How can one person be so sweet, funny, beautiful, honest, loving & humble without making you even a tiny bit jealous?
~How can one person make you desperately want to do the right thing, make the right choice at every decision for the rest of your life?
~How can one person sing with their back to you and make you feel like it is just you & them in a big room with a piano?
~How can one person with one story give you a feeling of unstoppable hope for the future?

How can You not have turned your eyes, ears and heart to Sara Groves yet?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

13 Things I Did* This Week

1. Went for a walk in my new lovely brown hoodie.

2. Played a game of backgammon on the TOTALLY awesome homemade new board.

3. Wore my lovely new silver hoops earrings to work today.

4. Went to see a great movie-Lars & The Real Girl.

5. Watched a movie at the cabin (on my mini dvd player) whilst munching my favourite candy coated Kernals popcorn.

6. Listened to my favorite song on my new/old Norah Jones cd.

7.Picked up a fantastic handmade butterbell that matches my dishes.

8.Made a lovely stirfry with my new garlic slicer.

9.Made some cookies and took them out of the oven with a set of whole oven mitts and without fear!

10.Stopped at Tim Hortons without cash but with my new swipe gift card.

11. Bought myself a birthday gift of a beautiful new Sara Groves cd which has yet to leave my cd player.

12. Played a fantastic game of Pass the Pigs with Don.

*13. What am I doing tomorrow? Writing 12 lovely thank-you cards to 12 lovely people.