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Monday, October 23, 2006

As Sam Roberts would say...

I think my life is passing me byyyyyyyyyy. I was just thinking back over the last few weeks or so and then thinking about the next few weeks coming up and for some odd reason that song keeps running through my head. Except that I am actually involved in my life so I guess it's not really 'passing me by' so much as just happening really fast with me in it. What I'm really trying to say is that it's like I'm in the canoe on the river not standing on the bank watching the current carry the canoe by...no what I mean is that I'm on the ferris wheel going around and around and about to throw up, not just watching it from the bottom wishing I had gone...no what I really mean is-- okay, okay I'm just kidding. I'm not freaking out, its just that I was looking so forward to:
-Having thanksgiving at the cabin(Oh, michele, the pumpkin cheesecake worked, but it was as great as I thought it would be, I think next year, we'll stick with just pumpkin pie).
-Having Don's cd release
-The cd release being over
-A Steve Bell concert I was going to
-Getting some birthday/christmas shopping done early.
I'm sure you're all excited to hear my list of things I was doing but now all the fun stuff is over and I only have to do the shopping still. Puke. Well, actually I do like the shopping a bit, but it's just that I have so much of it to do! Sigh. Now all I can see is the next months flying by and then it comes.
The Depressing Time.
Three months of, 'do I really have to go outside and interact with the world?' Is it really wrong of me to just rent movies and watch them with my sister all winter?
Perhaps I'll have to make a list of like 12 exciting things to do and then disperse them equally over those three months.
Like snowshoeing or winter camping.
Ha ha. THAT was a funny joke.
Actually hey, if YOU have any ideas for exciting things that a person can do in winnipeg that aren't like long projects or cost $200.00 , give me all your suggestions. But don't be offended if I don't do them. I may just get real lazy and throw the whole idea out the window.
Until then I will enjoy the crazy busy christmas season* ( because I secretly do enjoy it), and love my life. Because it is fun and I'm very happy to be living it and I do realize I may not always be feeling this way. ~contented sigh~
*(Oh by the way, did you all know my favorite store puke-mart is now open every night until 11pm so you can get all the crap your family doesn't need in a late night shopping spree? I cannot wait unitl they are open from 7 am-11pm just to make it easier on those earlybird/latenight shoppers. What a friendly, kindly, well-intentioned buisness! I think I'll go put my application in to work the christmas seanson for them RIGHT NOW!)

Monday, October 16, 2006

I Will Miss Monday Lunches.

For the last few months, I don't even know how many, my oldest sister, my best friend and I have been going out for lunch on mondays. It doesn't happen every week and it's not always on mondays, but there have been enough of them them that when my friend has to go back to work (after mat leave) I know I will miss them. She always brings her 11 month old daughter, whom I love to bits and bits, and I will miss having uninterrupted-by-other-people-who-couldn't-possibly-love-her-as-much-as-i-do-time with her. All we do is talk and eat and drink and laugh (I am talking about the adults here again) and I'm sure there are a thousand other people who do this same thing with their good friends but it's the 3 way understanding, mid-afternoon, sarcasm loving, conversations I'll miss. It's not like we'll never see each other again, in fact we'll probably end up seeing too much of each other, but I just have grown to enjoy mondays. Monday day is MY time. Don is at work all day, I have just worked 'all' weekend and I have nothing to do except relax. Maybe some house work if I want to, watch tv in my pjs if I want to, but I will always get moving when I know we are meeting for monday afternoon chats. Today will probably be one of the last ones, and that is a little sad, but still great, so I'm off!
Perhaps we'll just have to meet her at work on mondays. :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Just a Picture.

Just a picture of me during this summer.
Uh-oh. This is going to put my picture
into google images. Now anyone can see me.
I'm no longer anonymous.

Friday, October 06, 2006


It's October.
I'm so bad at keeping up.
What are 5 things that have kept me from posting?

1.I guess working 2 jobs...but that's sorta a lame reason.
2.Being in Minneapolis for 3 days.
3.Making a Superman/Wonderwoman wedding cake.
4.Hanging out with my bestest friends instead of my computer.
5.Not blogging at work, tempting yes, but I resisted.

That pretty much takes me back to 2 1/2 weeks ago.
So what are five great and wonderful things that have happened?

1.I got a-mazing tickets to one of my favorite musicians, xavier rudd.
2.I, along with my sister, FINALLY finished a superman/wonderwoman wedding cake.
3.I watched the season premier of The Office, and oh boy, did it crack me up.
4.I sneakily bought my sisters christmas present while with her, without her knowing.
5.I helped my don with some setup/merchandising for his cd realease next week.

Oooooh, I love making lists. I think I have time for one more before my laundry's dry.
Five reasons I am looking forward to this thanksgiving weekend?
1.I love fall. More and more each year, and at the cabin it's incomprable.
2. I am trying a pumpkin cheescake recipie and I hope to sweet baby Jesus it works.
3.Becky said she was going to go swimming this weekend & I want to see that.
4.I love to eat. Enough said.
5.I am (hoping) to start a Melissa Nathan book and I just love them.(this also encompasses a few other reasons such as I love reading at the cabin, reading & baking are fun--but not at the same time--etc, etc.)

So there they are. Now I should be a good wife and fold my laundry so that I am at least as 'houseworthy' as my husband(who is a much better housewife than I'll ever be.).