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Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday??

Just now, on the american news channel, I heard it is "Cyber Monday"... as in people have planned over the weekend to spend up to two hours at work today shopping online. I can't decide if this is better or worse than black friday. Ugh either way.

Friday, November 18, 2011

'Tis the season...

..for lots of work to get stained fingers, stained lips, happy taste buds.

Mmmm, I love, Love, LOVE pomegranate season!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday's Preggo Thirteen

Let's split today's list in two:

7 Things I'll miss about being pregnant:

1. Wearing all my clothes that used to make me 'feel fat'. Now I can wear them all with no worries!! (And even smaller sizes than normal...well sort of.)

2. Don offering to do (just about) everything for me...maybe it'll rub off and stick around. ha.

3. After a bit, I'll miss the ninja kicks from inside. They're not as bad as I hear some are...

4. I will miss this no hair loss business!! I used to lose so much hair (well, at least average) while brushing, washing, whatevs ... but now, NONE comes out. And I'm not even exaggerating. It's the best! I'm sure Don will especially miss it once I just start shedding. ugh.

5.Eating whenever I feel like it, because if I'm hungry and craving something like peanut butter toast and milk and apples at midnight, I don't have to feel guilty about it! Or worry about un-necessary eating.

6.Naps. I get my best sleep (right now) when it's mid day when I decide to 'sit down for a minute' and wake up on the couch two hours later. I'm not really a good napper, but right now...it's the best - and way better than night times.

7. That it's funny to be called 'fat'. The other day at the cafe Kim works at, she said, "Can someone ring that fat lady out?" And our friend out east recently said to Don, "Tell Tubby I said hi." I don't why it cracks me up, but it does. And it won't be nearly as funny when people say those things in February. :(

6 Things I won't miss!

8. Eating whatever I want without feeling guilty that it's not healthy protein, veggies or fruit.

9. Sitting however I want, not worrying about squishing anyone/helping them get in the right birthing position.

10. Sleeping on my belly!!! I miss it SO much.

11.My Darth Vader breathing at night. Seriously, I think it wakes Don up sometimes.

12.Getting up from bed, the couch, the car, where ever like a normal person.

13.If I have to hear one more person say, "Wow! You look about ready to pop!", I'll smack them. I had to hear it at least 7 times last weekend...so sick of it. I think it's the mental imagery I don't appreciate.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Happy Anniversary CBC!

Today the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation celebrates 75 years.
I think I've probably been a listener since I was born. (Right Dad?)
It's so full of nostalgia for me...
Hearing names like Peter Gzowski, David Suzuki, Alan Maitland, Michael Enright, Barbara Budd, Danny Finkleman, Bob McDonald, Shelagh Rogers and hearing those familiar radio theme songs almost instantly puts me at ease. I remember hearing As It Happens practically every single night during supper. Saturday mornings, just open the garage door to get your bike to hear the geeky (but loveable) voice of Quirks and Quarks explaining some scientific phenomenon. Summer saturday nights on the veranda at the cottage held the take-you-back-in-time-feeling while Finkleman's 45's played over the little transistor radio in the happy glow of the patio lanterns. And Christmas Eve. If you had the right timing, you'd be sitting in the backseat of the station wagon, cruising up and down streets, taking in the christmas lights while Alan Maitland's strong, even voice totally captured you (even though you'd already heard it many times over many Christmases) in the story of The Shepard. Even down to the daily beeping, silence and tone that signals the 12 noon makes me feel everything is...right.

However inadvertently I grew up listening it,
I now love the CBC and as I get older, I only love it more.
I've added must hear shows like The Current, DNTO and Wiretap as I became an adult and now even Don (an avid pop radio listener) is happy -even eager?- to hear some interesting story or documentary or current issue being discussed.

I'm not saying it's a perfect thing, as my dad says, it's a love/hate relationship with the CBC, this proven by the fact that my eye rolling skills are still very well practiced. There definitely are still a couple of shows I'll turn off. But I'll just say that when we were in the US for a month doing something like 10, 000 miles of driving (no exaggeration), I was ever so relieved to realize that the satellite radio in our car had CBC as one of them. Un-sensationalized news from Canada on the hour, familiar shows and voices ... I was one happy passenger.

So thank you government of Canada, for funding and supporting something so useful-a place where education takes place and (attempted) un-biased information can be heard, opinions shared, polite discussion and debate happens and best of all... no ridiculous commercials pounded into your head. I look forward to another 75 years and the passing on of good radio to generations to come.