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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Photo Story

Today, while stuffing more extra groceries into my 'post apocalyptic stocked cupboard' , as I call it, I accidentally hit a jar of homemade jelly I've been hoarding off the top shelf.

['the' cuboard, stocked!]

If you've been to my kitchen, you'll know the the cupboards are unreasonably high and hard to reach for tall people, let alone shorties like me.

[the high cupboards]

Just for this very reason, my dad made me a very handy stepstool.
[Step stool that I was not using.]

As it escaped my grasp and made the long fall down, I prepared myself to lose that sweet precious nectar...and to clean it up.
[The jelly leaping to it's death*]

However, I did not prepare myself that at the end of the journey, directly beneath it's leap zone, would be my beloved pottery tea pot taking the brunt of the fall.

Result? Jelly fine. Teapot destroyed.

Lessons learned:
-Don't hoard (heavy jars of) jelly, just eat and enjoy.
-Don't try to be a tall hobbit, just use the step stool.
-Don't use too many expletives over broken pottery
(you may give your spouse/roommate/mother/ a heart attack)
-Turn a bad thing (=broken teapot) into a good thing (=take the trip you've been meaning to take and go meet the potter...and buy a new one)
-Not letting one-of-your-favourite-things-getting-broken ruin your day is much preferable to the opposite

*This photo is a re-enactment by a professional jelly dropper and should not be tried at home.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Young Victoria

Have you seen this movie yet?
If it is playing in your city...
You should.

A brilliant film that follows the first 3 years or so of Victoria's reign. Not only is it a treat for the eyes...full of stunning colour, lavish costumes and enchanting cinematography, but it has been beautifully written (by Julian Fellows) and gracefully brought to life by the wonderful, elegant Emily Blunt as well as Rupert Friend, Paul Bettany, Harriet Walter and incredible director Jean-Marc Vallée. Although, I have to admit, I'm a sucker for films based on real events.

Don't worry, it's not just a love story.

Come back and tell me what you thought after you see it ... Now go!

Monday, January 11, 2010

MD 2010 Awards

Movie Day 2010 has come and gone.

Maybe the most relaxed movie day yet-due to the luck of the
theatre times and the ingenious scheduling by yours truly.

This year, I've decided to award each movie an award of the day.

12:05 Sherlock Holmes
Starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law & Rachel McAdams

With all movie day participants fans of Guy Ritchie, much enjoyed by all. Interesting observation? (Made by Corrie)
No swearing or nudity.
Wins 'Most Impressive Feat of the day' award.

3:50 Invictus
Starring Morgan Freeman & Matt Damon

Great actors.
Great accents!
Great story.
But oh my... some bad song choices.
Wins 'Crappiest Music of the day' award.
(seriously, even 'Leap Year' had better music..come ON Mr. Eastwood!)

7:10 Leap Year
Starring Amy Adams & Matthew Goode

A movie to prove that 2 interesting, well liked actors cannot make a bad movie good. (I think this can be categorized in Daryl's PS3 folder of 'Lame Crap'.)
Wins unanimously for 'Worst Movie of the day...no...worst film yet of 2010' award.

9:15 Youth In Revolt
Starring Michael Cera

Mostly a movie for teenage boys, I think we were all still able to have quite a few good laughs here.
Wins for the 'Best Alter Ego Without Socks (Excepting, of course, Brad Pitt in Fight Club)' award.

(Really, though, unless you are a 17 yr old boy, or you're in the mood for some ridiculously silly, crude vulgarity, you might want to skip this one.)

11:00 The Hurt Locker
Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie & Brian Geraghty

An incredible look at american bomb diffusers in Iraq, this one takes home the award for, 'Making me get down on my knees and thank God that none of the Men in my life have to go to war.'

*Alternately wins for my personal favorite of the day.

Join us again next year mid January for Movie Day Awards!