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Thursday, January 29, 2009

This Is What I've Waited For

So...remember how last week I was complaining about being married to a musician? Well, I guess I have to share the perks too.
Like coming home last week after storming off to work after a big fight...
and finding this freshly recorded song written as an apology just for me. I'll admit it...I feel pretty happy just thinking about it.

**For best quality, click on the arrow (bottom right corner) and click on HQ or 'High Quality'.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Werewolves...just what I needed.

(Well, technically lycans.)

The past few days has been filled with a very little time off and what else? 

We've seen:

-The Usual Suspects (which I have seen before and do love)
-Showgirls (yes, a bad rental decision on our part, yes I am slightly embarrassed)
-Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

In that order. 
The first four left me feeling fairly gloomy.
And although I wasn't expecting much, 
Rise of the Lycans was just what I needed.
A well written, filmed, produced movie with good actors that was a lot of...fun in a certain sense. If you can get into the whole werewolves vs vampire kinda stories... which normally I can't but the whole underworld series has kinda remedied that (well, just for underworld, not others). Much recommended if you like this sort of thing.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cheer Up Time

There are a lot of babies at our church.
I don't want a baby (right now), but I sure do love to play with them. That alone should be enough of a cheer up.
But this morning at my church, 
I seemed to get stuck in a sort of 'love trance'.
As I sat there for a few minutes, time seemed to slow and suddenly every movement, every act in all the seats around me seemed filled with the most pure love. Every way I turned my head, in seeming slow motion, I was struck by another moment. It was very surreal.  All day I have replayed the slightly blurry images through my mind, reveling in the love that I felt while not be part of one of them. I guess babies and new life do tend to make things happier, but I feel like I got a chance to witness relationships in the way that God must see them all the time.  I wish I could take still photos from the replays in my mind, or that I'd had an invisible camera to capture the moments. Still I'm happy to have this sense all day of being...lucky.

Here are just a few of things that I saw today among ordinary people that sprung unexpected tears to my eyes and provided me with proof that the world is at heart a good place:

~a mom staring down at her newborn boy with such focused, intense joy
~a couple married nearly forty years standing beside each other, holding hands
~soon to be first time parents going through a high risk pregnancy sharing a private whispered joke followed by a snuggle closer together in their seats
~the loving retrieval of a one year old making a break for it on all fours under a few chairs
~mom, dad & their two sweet girls standing in the communion circle together, with dad's arms lovingly, protectively wrapped around all his girls
~a jibe from a brother in law to his sister in law and the warm "I'm just joking" quick back rub that followed
~a man sitting waiting listening silently praying with closed eyes

What lovely images to store away forever.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alone......again. *

Thing is, being married to a musician seems very cool and romantic and all that, but when it comes down to it, they're gone a lot and you are not.  I have enough sisters, friends and family to hang out with, go out with and generally have fun and not be bored but nights like tonight get tricky. I just want to stay home, relax and rest. But I'm not an alone person. I like to do 'nothing' with somebody and sometimes the best person to do that with is the only person gone. I figure I have a couple option to remedy this:

1. I should look into joining some sort of musican's spousal support group or something.

2. Become his PR rep.

3. Become a roadie.

4. Learn to play an instrument. Or sing. (But seeing as how I am constantly teased for my off-key whistling, I'm not entirely confident this is a viable option.)

5. Put our new cd by Kings of Leon back on...again and wallow.

Hmmm...only one of those is looking appealing at the moment...

*Also titled 'Once Again Wallowing in Lonliness and Self Pity' or 'I am entirely aware of how pathetic I am.'

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Twelfth Day My Way

I was doing a little internet reading on the twelve days of Christmas and because you can't believe anything you read on the internet, I'm still not actually sure if the twelfth day of Christmas was yesterday or today...anyways, I'm going with today, because I don't mind having Christmas for one more day. Neither of our parents really wanted/needed anything for Christmas this year so I came up with the brilliant idea of making a calendar for each of them and our Grandparents and Aunt. Lucky for me there was a deal on the calendars! They were the hit of the presents (I think!), just like I thought they'd be. Here's a little sample from  both.